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How much does a wedding celebrant cost in Australia?
How Much Does a Wedding Celebrant Cost?

When you start wedding planning, and thinking about the wedding budget, you’re bound to wonder; how much does a wedding celebrant cost?

Gold and Grit - Queer Melbourne Beach Wedding - LGBTQ (7)
Elly & Tineke – A Relaxed Beach Wedding in Melbroune

A jumpsuit and a wedding gown, this unique Melbourne wedding day was a relaxed beach meets bush vibe for a creative couple who did their wedding their way.

What Does a Wedding Officiant Do?
What does a Wedding Officiant Do?

Ever wondered, what does a wedding officiant do? Obviously, they lead your ceremony and help you get legally wed, but there’s more than meets the eye.

How a Wedding Officiant Writes a Wedding Ceremony - Dancing With Her
How a Wedding Officiant Writes a Ceremony

The ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. So, we asked five wedding offiiants how they write a wedding ceremony.

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Frank & Scout – A Modern Melbourne Wedding

Non-binary lovers, Frank and Scout share their modern Melbourne wedding day, that they won, over on the blog. Think glitter, sparkle and roller-skates.