Couple sitting by a pond with a dog, in a tranquil garden setting.

Falling Back in Love After Breaking Up

Roman Garden V – is a photo series taken on film. It tells the story of a new love that is discovered together. They are so happy together. But we all know that a queer love affair can under a lot of pressure from the society, friends, even family etc. This series of pictures goes out to all those who don’t let things get them down and continue to fight for themselves and others.

Mara (she/her) and Melissa (she/they) me on the very first day of acting school. Some of their favorite memories together are long nights under the starry nights sky in Turkey, a spot they get to vacation to when visiting Melissa’s relatives.

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes been hard for them. Often, they find themselves not being taken seriously as a queer couple, whether it’s dirty looks on the tube when they’re traveling into the city, or comments that don’t go unnoticed. 

The pressures of not being accepted also have taken a toll on them. It led to a breakup, even though they were still wildly in love with one another. Eventually they found their way back together, because love is always worth fighting for.

Mara loves the space Melissa created for the people around her, so that everyone feels both appreciated and comfortable. That and how nurturing she is towards animals, whether it be a dog or little ladybug. 

Melissa loves how safe Mara makes them feel. They love the way Mara smiles and the way she inspires Melissa to do new things.

Photography by Loreen Reschke

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