Jess & Liv – A European Proposal & A Farm-Chic Wedding

When they met at work, they were both unsure whether they really wanted it to go anywhere, but after a year of dating their feelings for one another were undeniable.

When Did You Know They Were The One? 

I think we both realized each other was ‘the one’ when we enjoyed spending time together constantly! We were working together and staying the nights together, so we saw each other all the time and weren’t getting sick of each other. There was nothing in particular that either one of us did, our love just really grew organically and continues to this day. 

Tell Us About The Proposal, In Europe!

Jess proposed to me on our first trip to Europe. I was completely shocked and surprised! We both knew that we would get married one day. We had talked about it and just said we would go and get rings together- do it that way. Little did I know, Jess had bought a ring six months prior and was stashing it at our friend’s place until our trip. I packed her suitcase as I always do when we go away. I 100% thought there was no way she would propose because I didn’t see a ring anywhere in her suitcase. 

Sneakily, Jess had put the ring in the lining of her suitcase, so I didn’t find it! We were in Santorini, in our beautiful cliff face apartment overlooking the sunset. I said to Jess, “This has been my favorite day of the trip so far”. She realized that was her queue to propose and got up and went inside. I didn’t notice because I was too busy playing Candy Crush!

She came back out and sat on the seat next to me. She said that she really enjoyed doing life with me and asked if I would do it as her wife! When I looked over, she was holding the ring. I completely burst into tears and said yes! It is still the only time she has ever been able to actually surprise me with something. 

Tell Us One Thing You Love Most About Each Other?

L: I love Jess’s willingness to give everything a go. She has so much knowledge about so many different things in the world. It surprises me every day with how smart she is or how she knows how to build or fix something. 

J: I love Liv’s sense of humor. She can have everyone in the room in stitches!

L: Jess loves to not do things I ask her to do, like putting the washing basket back in its place. To be honest, I think she does it just to annoy me!

J: I hate when Liv drives off without putting her seatbelt on. Or when she goes to the toilet in the ensuite when I am brushing my teeth. Haha!

Dancing With Her Partner
Photography by 
Henry Paul Photography

Accessories Love Marie
Celebrant Nat Shillington from Shillobrations 
Decorations Bespoke Country Weddings 
Entertainment Neil Gill 
Florist Blayney Botanicals
Furniture & Prop Hire JD Events 
Gown Boutiques Love MarieMarry Me Bridal
Gown Designer Jane Hill
H&MU Magic Comb Blayney, Steph Gough, Fringe The Art Of Hair
Planner & Stylist Bespoke Country Weddings
Rings Michael Hill
Robes Cotton On
Shoes Novo
Stationery Zazzle
Venue Liv’s Parent’s Farm 

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