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Meet, Adriana Watson Photography

Meet, Adriana Watson Photography

Who is Adriana?

I’m a down to earth Brazilian girl, easy going, who likes to laugh hard and play even harder. I live on the Sunshine Coast with my wee family, and I love the quiet coastal life. Although I’m based on the coast, I’m very fortunate that my job takes me to some pretty unique places around Australia and internationally.

My clients often say that my calm and relaxed nature puts them at ease. When most couples have their heads spinning with excitement and a little anxiety (because let’s face it, the wedding day can be a bit hectic), it’s pretty essential to keep my cool and maintain a relaxed vibe.

Describe your perfect, ideal couple.

My perfect, ideal couple is the ones who aren’t looking for a big wedding production to impress others. My ideal couple is focused on each other, and their main goal is to have the best possible day celebrating and having fun with their loved ones. Whether it’s a sunny day, rainy day, or if things aren’t going according to plan, they have that attitude, stuff it, I’m getting married no matter what and I’m going to have a ball.

They also value photography, because at the end of the day, the photos are the only tangible thing that will take them back to that beautiful day, so investing in good photography is a must.

How long in advance would you recommend couples reach out to lock in a wedding date with you?

Ideally, twelve to eighteen months prior to the wedding day. I shoot a limited amount of weddings each year. This way, I can give each couple my undivided attention and ensure that they are well looked after. Once those numbers are filled for the year, that’s it, no more bookings. So it’s best to get in quickly.

You get to travel around the globe capturing love stories. Where is one place you haven’t been yet, but wish you could go tomorrow, and why?

Oh, Kenya, definitely! I’m fascinated by their culture, people and of course the food. I photographed a Kenyan wedding in Australia – it was one of the most memorable weddings I have ever photographed. It was warm and fun, just like the people. It really made me want to explore their country. It’s on my bucket list!

When you’re not behind the lens, where would we usually find you?

You will find me spending time with my family exploring a new place. We made a deal that we would always find time to visit a new place. It could be just a drive to an area on the coast that we have never been to before, getting to know a local artist, or perhaps a road trip, but always something new. That’s where you’ll find me when I’m not behind the camera, exploring and creating memories with my favourite people.

You’ll find Adriana Watson Photography in our online directory of inclusive wedding vendors from around the world.

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