Sharon & Wenna – A Lunar Celestial Themed Wedding In Singapore

Singapore isn’t always a country that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community, but after a year of uncertainties, Sharon and Wenna knew that it was time to celebrate their love. They married in a lunar celestial-themed micro-wedding with a handful of guests and a whole lot of love.

It is said that twin flames occur when one soul is divided into two bodies, destined to meet each other through endless lifetimes. The twin flame journey is not without peril as they mirror each other’s dreams, fears and encounter hardships on their paths. Eventually, love triumphs all as they ascend to higher versions of themselves and finally become one again. 

When Sharon met Wenna for the first time, she wasn’t aware of the theory of twin flames but she definitely knew fate had a hand in it. Likewise, Wenna felt the same tug in her heart. In other words, they were finally home. 

Just as the stars and moon aligned when they first met 9 years ago, they chose to celebrate their union with the meaningful theme, “I love you to the Moon & back”. As Wenna expressed in her vows to Sharon: 

“We go through phases, from new to full, waxing to waning, but we are always whole. Day or night, sunrise or sunset; ever present, ever moon. Thank you for completing my life, loving me so unconditionally and fearlessly. Without you, like earth without the moon, my nights will be too much longer and too much darker.” 

The celebration was designed to convey an ethereal feeling in a chic and clean manner. As Singapore’s COVID-19 restrictions disrupted initial plans for the affair, the event itself was scaled down to an intimate setting with just 20 of their family members and closest friends. The wedding planner’s resourcefulness and finesse found her the perfect venue and team of vendors to bring the lunar theme to life.

Held in a three-storey shophouse on Mohamed Sultan Road, tucked away at the edge of the iconic Singapore River, the location served as a memoir where they first met at a pub in riverside Boat Quay. The event’s space was light and airy–its exposed red brick walls and tall windows brought in a touch of heritage and warmth to contrast against the modern celestial theme. 

The moon and stars were used as graphic motifs throughout the details of Sharon and Wenna’s union; from the signage to stationery, wedding cake and even their matching wedding bands. As Singapore is still a relatively conservative society, care was taken to ensure privacy for the couple and their guests through intelligent designs by the event stylist. An example would be, the welcome signage that featured artwork that alludes to the textures of the moon. However, reflective holographic foil was used for the initials and ceremony details to avoid the public’s prying eyes. 

Sharon and Wenna’s shared love for nature was also incorporated into the décor through the usage of white orchids and carnations alongside light wood details. The intriguing table set-up was a conversation starter–small coconut husks were placed, surrounding the floral selections. Not only did the brown husks add a tropical touch to the set-up but the orbs were a subtle nod to the moon. In extension to the natural colour palette, wooden beaded key charms were handmade by the event stylist as door gifts. These were also echoed in the napkin rings and Wenna’s boutonniere. 

Before the guests arrived, the couple had a private moment to themselves for a photoshoot against the ceremonial backdrop. The backdrop’s pleated drapes added texture and clean architectural lines to complement the florals and black stands. 

For the union ceremony, Sharon donned a simple white mermaid dress trimmed with dainty pearls on the bustier. The make-up artist added tasteful white dots around Sharon’s eyes to mimic the alignment of stars. Her hair was kept minimal but chic, a braid tied with a white ribbon. For the evening, Sharon kept the mermaid silhouette for her second dress but added more glamour–ruffled sleeves and a custom made wooden celestial headpiece. Gold glitter was applied to her brown toned eye makeup that paired with the headpiece and hair pulled into a low bun to stay understated yet glamorous. Wenna matched in a navy double-breasted blazer, grey dress pants and plain white T-shirt to keep the effortless vibe for a full day of celebrations. 

They kicked off the event by exchanging their personal vows to each other in front of their loved ones before proceeding to party and celebrate the night away at a dinner reception within the same venue. It was an evening to behold amidst unprecedented and uncertain times like this. The celebrations were a key reminder to all that at the end of the day–the fates will always conspire to bring love to the front. 

My world is a beautiful place because of you, your positivity and the love you have given me. There are two things I will forever be sure of–the sun will always fall for the moon, and I will always fall for you. And with you, I am convinced, day after day, that love wins. Love always wins.” – Sharon to Wenna

Photographer Lens of Mira 

Assistant Photographer Justrealle 
Cake Sugarwhim
Chairs Events Partner 
Dinnerware Holm Collection 
Earrings and Necklaces Frost Jewel
Finger Cuff Rings Dayly.Co
Gown Stitch By Stitch Co. 
Head Piece MU/YU
Makeup and Hair Mua.Dawnyeo 
Planner Beautiful Gatherings 
Pressed-on Gel Nails Neutrxl.Co 
Set Decor & Styling Fellow Folks 
Videographer By Aaron
Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring LivLov Jewelry

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