Two women embracing on a rocky outcrop during sunset, with one woman wearing a black suit and the other a black dress. They are set against a mountainous backdrop.

An Adventurous Hiking Elopement in the Blue Mountains

Although soccer has been something that’s connected them throughout their relationship, Dana and Kathleen traded in their cleats for shoes more suitable for their adventurous elopement in the Blue Mountains.

Tell us about the coincidences that led to you falling in love. 

After we first got together, we reflected back and realized that there were actually a number of times we crossed paths. One of these times Dana was playing AFL footy (as a soccer player) for a local team and Kathleen was actually the assistant coach & runner that day as a mutual friend was the coach.

 Halfway through the game Dana went down with a knee injury and off to hospital, but the funny thing is that Kathleen was holding an injury from her footy game the day before (broken arm) and also went to hospital that night.

Our first proper interaction was your typical night out on the town with friends. I was designated driver for one of my mates that night and Dana (and her many drinks) were very ‘persistent’ with me on the dance floor.

Dana was working in Sydney one weekend and gained tickets to a Manchester United friendly match in Sydney. She flew me Business class for the weekend (clearly trying to impress me haha) to see the game and the city. It was that weekend that we ‘officially’ got together as a couple.

Funnily enough the reason we are headed to Sydney again is because of yet another Soccer game (the Women’s World Cup) which is occurring exactly 10 years since the Manchester United game. It was not until a few weeks ago that we realized our elopement basically mirrors the weekend we got together as a couple all those years ago.

What do you love most about one another?

Dana – What I love most about Kathleen is her belief in me. There have been so many occasions through our relationship where she has been telling me I can/I’m able/ I’m more than good enough, and although it takes me weeks, months and sometimes even years to realize it for myself, when I finally get there she gives me these eyes and a look of ‘I told you’. 

One significant milestone for me was wanting to work for myself and have my own gym. She believed in me right from the get go, was my encouragement to leave a commercial gym and open my own space, told me I was good enough to manage and run a high performance team and to work with some high performing athletes. 

I can say that my business wouldn’t be what it is today without her belief and support in me.

Kathleen–  Before I even knew Dana, all our mutual friends would speak so highly of her. They’d always say how fun she is, a bit cheeky, and never takes life too seriously. That remains true today. Her inner child is never far away and it makes life far more exciting and fun. 

The real world can be unrelenting at times but her balance of cheeky and silly but also soft and supportive is one of the things about her that I love and adore.

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