Alizée & Léa’s Unconventional Love Story

Léa and Alizée’s love story is one that defies the traditional narrative of falling in love at first sight. It all began at a summer camp where Léa was an assistant director and Alizée was an animator. Interestingly, the two women didn’t hit it off at the camp and in fact, disliked each other during the entire program. However, Alizée had a premonitory dream on her first night at the camp, which featured her kissing Léa.

After the camp, they went their separate ways but later reconnected, and their initial animosity soon turned into friendship. Their friendship blossomed into love, and they have now been together for a little over six years.

Léa knew that she wanted to propose to Alizée, and after Alizée had proposed to her for a PACS, Léa wanted to do something special to replace the traditional ring. She eventually decided on a necklace with three medallions. First, however, she had to wait for the right opportunity and the right trip, as Alizée had always expressed her desire to get married in an even year.

The perfect moment eventually presented itself during a canoe trip in Sweden. Despite the less-than-glamorous living conditions, Léa convinced Alizée to take a walk to a nearby pontoon for some pictures. There, Léa opened her hand to reveal the necklace with the three medallions, and Alizée’s initial shock turned into joy as she said, “Yes!”

The couple didn’t have the proposal captured, as it was an unplanned moment in another country surrounded by close friends. However, they have four symbolic “jewels” that represent their engagement, including an origami ring made by Alizée during her first PACS proposal to Léa, a ring with a sapphire and six tiny diamonds that symbolizes their first engagement ring, the necklace that Léa gave to Alizée for the wedding proposal, and their wedding ring.

The engagement means a lot to the couple, as it represents their commitment to each other through good times and bad. They believe that their love is a rare resource in today’s society, and they are committed to growing it every day together.

As for wedding planning, the couple was relatively serene throughout the process. They opted for an autumn-themed wedding with warm colors and a dress code for their guests. They placed a lot of importance on the menu, as they both love gastronomy, and they wanted the atmosphere to be warm and genuine with their closest friends and family.

In conclusion, Léa and Alizée’s love story is a testament to the fact that love can blossom in unexpected ways. From their initial animosity at the summer camp to their current engagement, their journey together has been one of growth, commitment, and most importantly, love.

Photographer Camille Collin Photographe

Caterer William Sarazin Traiteur
Ceremony Venue Domaine De Ronsard
Dj Thomas De Tsl Evenement
Dress Boutique L’Amusé
Florist Gabrielle Feuillard
H&MU Elodie Lacroix
Wedding Rings Marie Guerrier
Transport Cap Mystère

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