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Chantal & Teisha – A Lifetime of Friendship turned Love

Chantal & Teisha – A Lifetime of Friendship turned Love

Deaf Lesbian Love Story - Canada - Dancing With Her

When these two lovers first met, they were only in the fourth grade. After a long long-distance friendship while they attended different deaf schools, their friendship turned into something more.

You met when you were so young!

T: We actually met through Chantal’s best friend, Lucia, when we were in fourth grade. So we’ve known one another for a long time. We both attended different deaf schools, held a long-distance friendship for a very long time and eventually, that turned into something so much more.

You must have some fond memories of your relationship over the years. 

T: Chantal warned her parents that I am profoundly deaf and come from my deaf family, and so I might be loud on her parents’ floors. 

When I arrived at her parents’ place, I would walk around stomping or banging the cabinets and the door – for the entire two-week duration of our stay. 

We flew back to Ontario from Newfoundland, and Chantal’s parents said they would take everything back to hear those noises again and they missed us!

But it’s not all been easy. What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome together?

T: It was a big challenge for me and Chantal to be with one another. We’ve had our fair share of disagreements, and there have been quite a few people in our lives who’ve tried to break us apart, but we’ve made it. Our love is powerful.

Teisha, what’s your favorite thing about Chantal, and what are you looking forward to the most for your future together?

T: Chantal’s smile is my favorite! I can see things dull, but I do spot a shiny gold anywhere when Chantal’s smile. She is very kind and respects everyone. I am so lucky to have Chantal in my life and I can’t wait to grow old with her. 

Chantal is my best friend, always. 

Photography by Emily LaFelur-Brewster Photography

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