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5 Expert Tips on Designing a Custom Engagement Ring

5 Expert Tips on Designing a Custom Engagement Ring

For some couples, designing a custom engagement ring is a meaningful way to celebrate their unique partnership. After all, both are one-of-a-kind. But, designing a ring can be confusing and even overwhelming. The choices are seemingly endless and for most, the budget isn’t. 

Here are five expert tips to simplify the process and help you design a custom engagement ring that’s a true reflection of your relationship:

Choose a brand that shares your values.

Part of the allure of going for a custom ring is that it allows you to create a piece that truly represents your partner’s style and values. Brand should be an important part of the equation. In fact, 86 percent of millennials surveyed care about the brand name of their jewelry and consider it an important deciding factor. 

While the diamond industry has historically catered to one very specific demographic, newer brands like Venvs are shaking things up and making jewelry inclusive—meant to be worn by anyone, no matter race, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, or ability.

Take a look at the brands you are considering to see if they represent you and your values. Do you see yourselves in their advertising? Does their marketing and their website make you feel welcome? How about their products – is sizing inclusive to all without overcharging? Decide which brand deserves your business.

Determine what’s important to you.

According to a recent report on engagement trends, 45 percent of engagement rings have a custom component. Sometimes that means the entire ring was custom designed, including metal, gem and setting. Other times it’s just that a stone has been swapped with one in an existing setting or the metal changed to accommodate budget.

Just how custom you want to go is entirely up to you. Are you customizing because you can’t find a setting that appeals to your partner’s tastes? Do you have a design in mind? Maybe you want to add something unique like a pop of color or an unusual diamond or cut.  Does Vintage appeal to you or something modern? There are also many gender-neutral and alternative styles to consider. Deciding what’s important to you will help you whittle down choices to focus on what you truly want.

Plan ahead.

One of the disadvantages of designing a customized ring is that you can’t go home with it the same day. Most jewelry designers estimate about six to eight weeks to create and produce a custom ring. And, it’s not uncommon for there to be delays and backups during the busy holiday engagement season when stores are busy.

Also, anticipate delays due to recent dips in diamond production and disruptions caused by COVID-19. There’s pent-up demand from couples who delayed plans and are now charging full steam ahead. Check with prospective jewelers for updated production and delivery estimates to ensure they sync with your engagement and wedding plans. 

Look beyond clear diamonds.

Diamonds are often associated with enduring love, but engagement rings don’t have to include a diamond. Younger buyers, including LGBTQ+ couples, are leaning toward modern, gender-neutral styles and many opt for a less traditional stone. Whether that sentiment rings true for you or not, going the custom route means you have many options, including diamonds, unique salt-and-pepper diamonds, and gemstones like emeralds, lapis, turquoise and many others that are equally show-stopping. 

You can give your chosen stone a personalized look by customizing the setting—consider a sunburst or clusters of a complimentary stone—and your choice of metal, including gold, silver and rose gold. 

Ensure you’re getting the personalized attention you deserve.

An engagement ring may be one of the most meaningful and maybe the most expensive purchases you’ve ever made. It deserves specialized attention. 

Choosing an engagement ring—and especially customizing one—requires service and support from a well-qualified, trustworthy expert who welcomes you and your questions. You should expect them to be able to provide guidance on what to look for in an engagement ring and how to evaluate a diamond or gemstone, and offer advice and suggestions on how to design the style you want. Book an online ring consultation with a jewelry designer who can nail down the ring of your dreams. Some brands also offer information and engaging communities on their sites to help get you up to speed and provide ideas on how to make your engagement and wedding celebrations memorable.

Following these expert tips and choosing a brand that makes you feel welcome and understood can take the stress out of diamond shopping. They’ll also go a long way in helping to create an engagement ring that is unique as the love you’ve found. For more information on buying a custom ring, visit

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