Tami Sussman - Sydney Marriage Celebrant
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How long have you been a celebrant for?

Just over 4 years ! Where did the time go?

Why did you become a celebrant?

I used to write and perform comedy (more like dramedy) with a strong focus on romantic themes and during that time, I was approached by a number of friends, acquaintances & audience members to write and perform their wedding ceremonies! I’m so grateful for the potential they saw in me because being a marriage celebrant was the perfect way for me to combine my passion for writing with people … AND I much prefer placing the couple in the spotlight than myself!

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Getting to meet all these amazing loved-up couples from all walks of life! I love listening to the stories of how they met, when they decided to get married and how they’ve overcome certain challenges along the way. I love surprising them with their uniquely personal ceremony on the day and seeing their priceless reactions. There is no greater joy. What an honour. Really!

Any “stand out couples” so far ?

Too many to name here!  But since the Marriage Equality law passed in the Australian parliament, it’s been truly wonderful (and often emotional) to meet with couples who have been waiting YEARS to get married. One couple had been together for 30 years and as we sat drinking tea in my office, we all got a bit teary as we discussed how their ceremony would go beyond celebrating their intimate partnership, it would also be a public proclamation of dedication and equality.

What changes have you seen in the Sydney/ Australia wedding industry?

It’s nice to see people have shifted their priority scale to give equal weight to the ceremony and reception. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good feast (and a boogie) but I feel that people used to leave the celebrant until the end of the planning process, whereas in the past year or two I’ve noticed more couples reaching out to me first. I often joke that if the reception is the sexual act, then the ceremony is the foreplay – I’m responsible for getting everyone in the mood, so the celebrant definitely shouldn’t be an afterthought!

Any advice for couples looking for a celebrant?

See cheeky analogy above ;-p AND if your wedding is in Sydney … get in touch! Hehe.

For those in other parts of Australia and overseas, I guess I’d say to make sure your celebrant communicates well, can dress in alignment with your aesthetic (if that’s important to you) and is flexible with creating a ceremony that reflects YOUR relationship, rather than recycling templates and regurgitating cliches.

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Peace Out, Tami.

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