Words by Jess

Sarah is a corporate operations coordinator & a qualified hairdresser. Sarah enjoys snuggles on the couch with her chihuahuas, yoga, gardening, sharing time and meals with family & friends, and just being the ultimate homebody. I work in the electricity industry in procurement and project management and enjoy going to the gym, playing every sport under the sun, eating cheese and drinking wine with friends.

We are both obsessed with food and love trying new recipes in the kitchen together, and eating out at new places.

We have been together for 7.5 years.

I had been out the week before and lost her wallet, including my I.D. The following weekend I went to a nightclub called ‘ Heavens Door.’

I was a regular at this club so thought I’d try my luck getting in without I.D… and I’m so grateful that I did!

Sarah had just arrived back from the Dominican Republic representing Australia in the ‘Miss Intercontinental’ modeling competition and was ready to get out and explore Melbourne’s gay nightlife for the first time.

The moment I walked in, and towards the dance floor, it was as though everyone else in the club disappeared and I could only see Sarah.

Sarah was platinum blonde, wearing a blue dress and dancing like no one was watching.

I went outside to meet a friend, but could hardly concentrate on the conversation – I couldn’t get Sarah off my mind. I went back inside and told Sarah she was so beautiful and asked if she wanted to dance.

We spent the next few hours dancing and talking. We exchanged numbers and started dating from there.

We lived on opposite sides of the city, so would meet at an Officeworks carpark before going out for dinner. Sometimes just staying in the car park talking for hours in one of our cars after the dinner date. Officeworks is such a romantic place for us now.

I designed a ring that I felt represented Sarah. Sarah is such an old soul, so thought an antique looking ring would be perfect. After the ring was ready, I planned for Sarah’s Mum to ask Sarah to go with her to get a mammogram. While Sarah was out, I brought some of Sarah’s favorite foods; scallops, lamb racks & Morton Bay bugs and hid them in the fridge at work.

On the day I was supposed to propose, Sarah had a migraine, so everything fell through, and we had to replan two days later.

Two days later, while Sarah was out, I pulled our dining table into the lounge room, which has a big bay window overlooking the hills with a beautiful view of the moon and set the perfect scene.

I told Sarah I was “just trying to do something romantic” and we began eating. I soon figured out that I couldn’t eat because I felt too anxious, so I just went and got the ring, got down on both knees and opened the box to Sarah.

I had planned on saying some really nice things, but felt overwhelmed and just basically slammed ring in Sarah’s face. Thankfully, she said ”yes!”

We phoned our parents to tell them the exciting news.

Photography Emily Howlett Photography

Jess & Sarah recently married, and their wedding day features in Volume Five of Dancing With Her Magazine.