Kate & Sarah – An Intimate Wedding In Central Park

They may have lived 8000 miles apart, but their love never waived. Eventually, they’d have the life they’d always dreamt of, together. Kate and Sarah took their commitment to the next level, marrying in a small and intimate Central Park wedding in New York City.

Words by Kate

Sarah and I met through friends. Sarah was living in New York – a party animal. I was in the British army, and every time we connected on Facebook, we were both instantly intrigued. 

We were shooting messages back and forth about life in general and sharing experiences and adventures. We both enjoyed surfing, snowboarding, and love the outdoors. I was away a lot, and Sarah loved the army talk. She was training to be a nurse in New York, something I had always found interesting and wanted to do.

Eventually, after eight years of messaging and been friends and in and out of failed relationships, we were getting pretty intense texting and calling each other every day, which turned into all day!

She was now a nurse in Washington state, which is on the west coast of America. I was also a nurse now, but back in England. 

We finally decided to take things further, not sure how it was going to work, but we both felt something for each other. 

Eventually, after eight years, I got my first date with her. We spent the whole weekend loved up and thriving on Marmite and cream crackers – not the most romantic. I did take her for dinner at a rather nice hotel after a mega 20-hour flight, and yes, she fell asleep during the meal. 

I knew then that I loved her – I had always loved her.  

We lived apart for around one year.

I knew one year in that it was probably a good time to tell her I want to go to Australia to live and nurse. Not sure about who she would react, she had her life together in America a good job and a close family. She told me that ‘she wanted to come with me.’

One year later, we’d be living in Melbourne and working in Melbourne. We lived with my friend and her three-month-old baby. We were renting her back room. The longest we’d ever spend together at one time was four weeks, so we knew it would be make or break. 

We embraced the shit out of it. Unfortunately, Sarah couldn’t get work as a nurse, and at home, my grandad was ill. We planned to spend nine months in Melbourne and then head back to the UK together. 

We bought a house together, got engaged, and got a dog, Henry. 

A year after the proposal, we married in Central Park, New York. 

It was just an amazing day. A small intimate wedding just immediate family at the ceremony, then a few others for a meal after then a party back at the house in New York.

Even when living 8000 miles apart, our love for one another never waived. Sarah brings out the best in me. I don’t mean a better sense of maturity or whatever else this tired world expects of me. I mean, she makes me want to club roofs, run wild and act inappropriately, take risks and pursue my dreams with passion and integrity. And, that’s what we have done. 

No matter where life takes us, I know I will always be at home when I am with Sarah.

Dancing With Her Partner
Jenna Salvagin

Second Photographer Austin Jansen
Cake Topper Lucy Spoors
Ceremony Venue Cop Cot
Custom Leather Jacket BespokeChick
Engagement & Wedding Rings Gavin Shelley
Event planner Jenny Reid and Claire Reid
Florist Petit Florist
Gown Designer Blue Bow Bridal
H&MU Victoria Lyn Schade
Location Central Park, New York City
Reception Venue Toro Chelsea NY

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