A Rustic Farm Wedding in Tuscany

Despite living in different countries, playing for different teams, Katrina and Kim met at the Lacrosse World Cup. They shared a heartfelt proposal, and hosted a beautifully rustic wedding in Tuscany.

Tell us about meeting at the World Cup.

Our paths crossed in an unexpected twist of fate at the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup in Surrey, England. As a player representing Germany, I found myself caught up in the exhilaration of the tournament. It was during the team photo session that I first noticed Katrina, the charismatic coach of Team Canada.

Our encounter was initiated by a light-hearted exchange about beverages, as my German friends and I playfully inquired about their beer consumption. At that moment, our connection sparked, and Katrina admitted later that my long legs had caught her attention. Little did we know that this playful banter would mark the beginning of a remarkable journey.

The culmination of the tournament brought forth mixed emotions for both of us. As the final match unfolded, with the USA facing Canada, a heavy rain poured over the English landscape. Katrina’s team, despite their tremendous efforts, suffered defeat. She returned to the housing while the rest of the teams indulged in jubilant celebrations. Serendipitously, I emerged from a nearby house, clutching a bottle of schnapps in hand.

Sensing her disappointment, I offered her a sip, bridging the gap between us in a small act of compassion. That simple gesture proved to be a turning point, for it kindled a connection that would traverse continents and solidify our love. Katrina visited me in Munich, and I reciprocated by journeying to the United States. Since December 2017, our love has blossomed, and we have been proudly and officially dating ever since.

Tell Us About The Proposal.

Amid the challenging times brought by Covid, Katrina decided to leave her job and join me in Munich. The initial months were marked by the painful separation caused by travel restrictions, and our longing to be together grew stronger.

Sensing my yearning to reconnect with my family in Wiesbaden, Katrina insisted on visiting them, a proposition I initially hesitated about. Little did I know that she had something extraordinary planned. While I was engrossed in work on a sunny Friday afternoon, Katrina discreetly slipped away to the city.

To my surprise, my parents offered me a glass of champagne in the garden, accompanied by an envelope from Katrina.

As I opened it, I discovered a heartfelt love note and a set of instructions guiding me on an enchanting journey. She had meticulously prepared an outfit, complete with jewelry and shoes, each containing its own love note.

Following her lead, I embarked on a drive to a picturesque wooded area, accompanied by our beloved dogs.

There, amidst a breathtaking setup adorned with flowers, lights, and soft carpets, Katrina stood, a bouquet of flowers in her hands. The atmosphere was electric as a photographer captured the moment, and with unwavering love in her eyes, she asked me to marry her.

Overwhelmed with joy, I couldn’t help but recall our shared journey and the mountain overlooking the Alps, where, back in August, I had asked her to marry me during her first visit to Munich.

Talk To Us About Your Experience Finding The Perfect Outfits.

I had my dress made. I liked some parts about specific dresses but never really liked the look of them. The store I worked with, Kaviar Gauche, is very open to changes, so I designed my own dress and added my highlights to where I wanted them. I had to be there four times for fittings and deciding where to add everything, but it was totally worth it.

Katrina wanted to have a three-piece suit. I know she had difficulties even finding someone since all are custom to men. She was thrilled with where she went in the end and absolutely loved her suit and hat.

Talk to us about the big day! 

Honestly, we were not stressed or anything. We got ready in different houses, and the mood was just happy and relaxed. We got some pizza for lunch and just had a blast. The ceremony started at 4 pm, and our guests arrived at around 3:30 pm. They got welcomed with Brindapino, a vintage Fiat 500 with beer and Aperol spritz.

We then had our first look and our ceremony. We had a great dinner and a great party till the sun rose. It was the perfect day without any stress, with just good friends, great food, dancing, and happiness.

Dancing With Her Partner
Suit Designer The Tailory New York

Photographer Juan Trujillo – 4events

Dj Saxobeatz
Dress Designer Kaviar Gauche
Florist Daniela
H&MU Centro Estetica Paola
Suit Designer The Tailory New York
Venue The Lazy Olive

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