How did you two meet?

K: We have been together since 2014. We met while we were in college through mutual friends. We were the only “out” gay folks in our respective friend groups at the time. We actually put off meeting each other for a while because we thought it was ridiculous that our straight friends thought we would like each other just because we were gay. Sasha eventually made the first move on Facebook, and our first date was amazing! We talked for hours and immediately made plans to hang out again.

Tell us about the proposal

K: It was August 2017, and I (Katrina) had just gotten home from work around 12am. Sash was acting a little weird and antsy. She went to the bathroom and was in there for a while [apparently she was texting one of our friends that she was going to propose]. When she came out, I was sitting on the couch eating leftovers, she sat awkwardly on the edge of the couch and held out a little box. My face was stuffed with food, and I looked at her surprised! 

She wouldn’t make eye contact but said, “I got this today, if you want to, you know. Only if you want to.” And opened the box and showed me the ring. Of course, I said yes! Apparently, she hadn’t planned to propose the day, instead just buy the ring, but was too excited. 

We were engaged two years before we chose to get married. That two years meant that nothing ever felt rushed. 

What lead you to the destination? 

S: It was Katrina’s hometown. We initially were going to just go to city hall and have a nice dinner after. But Katrina’s family said they would pay for a wedding if we wanted one, and we decided we did! Most of our family and friends are in Michigan, and the venue we found was exactly what we wanted. 

Talk to us about your wedding outfits.  

K: Neither of you opted for a dress!

We both knew we did not want to wear dresses. I have a butch/masculine style, and Katrina is more futch [a term we learned in the past year that combines butch and femme, we love it]. Because masculine suits for feminine bodies are hard to come by, I had hers specially made. 

Katrina opted for a simple white jumpsuit that she found online after hours of scouring the internet. We’re both not super flashy, and it was important that we found outfits we felt good in and, most importantly, could dance in. 

What are your favorite moments from the wedding day?

K & S: We wrote our whole ceremony and vows. Putting everything together was so emotional and wonderful, there were definitely no dry eyes in the room that day.

We’re not religious, but we did include a unity candle in our ceremony. Our parents participated with us, and it was a special moment.

Our big entrance. We danced out to “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross. It was such a surreal moment. Being able to be out and proud and loud about it in front of 95 of our closest friends and family; pretty damn cool. 

The love was radiating off of every corner of that room.  

What does marriage mean to you?

K & S: Marriage is a best friendship. We often talk about how we are each other’s “safe space.” There is so much comfort in knowing that there’s always a person in your corner loving you and giving you the space to just be. 

Our marriage is a love that keeps deepening each day. 

Anything you are glad you did? 

So glad we gave ourselves two years to plan. We were able to knock out the big stuff in the first year [and got a lot of discounts from vendors for booking so far in advance] and were then able to focus on details during the second year. 

Photographer Liv Lyszyk Photography

Bowtie The Tie Bar
Bridespeople Gifts Tech Kit from Pinch Provisions
Bridespeople Outfits David’s Bridal and Indochino
Cake Boonzaaijer Bakery
Catering Loft 310
Ceremony Musicians Signature String Quartet
Engagement Rings Herlzberg Diamonds
Florist VanderSalm’s
Flower Boy Target
Hair & Makeup Emily McKim & Rowan Jakobah
Jumpsuit Designer Eliza J (purchased from Nordstrom)
Shirt JCPenney 
Shoes JCPenney 
Stationery Basic Invite
Suit Designer Indochino
Venue Loft 310
Wedding Favors Kalamazoo Candle Company
Wedding Rings Lewis Jewelers