Read Kirbie & Kirsty’s engagement story here.

We were engaged for three years. 

I used the word ‘vibe’ so much while planning or discussing our wedding. It was less about a theme or specific details but more that we wanted to create a warm, relaxed, romantic feeling. Our color pallet was burgundy, blush, and greenery. Most importantly, our wedding was to be a celebration and party. We just wanted to celebrate our love and be surrounded by those who wanted to share in it. 

We took on a few DIY projects. Nothing fancy, just some ways to save some money but mostly and bring a personal touch. We made some signs from Kmart picture frames, had denim jackets embroidered, wrote tags for our keys, and DIY’d all our stationery.

When it came to finding Kirsty’s dress, she knew what she was after: Aline, ivory/blush tones, straps, simple yet elegant, and something that made her feel amazing! 

She also knew she wanted me to shop with her, she wanted her best friend and number one shopping assistant [that’s me!] to go with her. People had their opinions about Kirsty taking her future wife wedding dress shopping. In the end, we decided it was right for us – so we did it.

We could probably talk forever about our day! It was wonderful! All the hard work and planning came together, and the day was effortless. I was still a bundle of nerves all morning.

On the morning of the wedding, we woke up together, and our maids arrived shortly after. We put on some tunes and as the hair and makeup team arrived we got underway with preparations. Kirsty and I wanted to spend as much of our day together as possible, so we decided that while she had her hair done, I could still stay and hang out, then when she was called to the makeup chair, I left the room. 

We had some final makeup touches back to back, and the obligatory glass of champagne with the bridesmaids before we went to separate rooms to dress. 

I was taken out to the first look location and patiently waited to see my gorgeous bride! The first look was incredible, and such a perfect moment together, just us. All loved up and ready to head to our wedding ceremony, together. 

We arrived at the ceremony and met our “walkers” and ring bearer. We had one quick photo together with a natural tree arch, and we were ready to take our first steps to become wife and wife. My girls walked down, then myself, and as I stood under the arbor and turned around, I saw my gorgeous bride walking down toward me beaming, and simply beautiful. 

As she arrived, we took a moment to settle into position, and I held her hands, We took a moment to turn to our guests and take in the joyful, smiling faces of those there to witness and celebrate with us. My knees were trembling, and I was worried I was going to rub holes in Kirsty’s hands as I rubbed my thumbs back and forth.

We had a “love lock” as part of our wedding ceremony. 

This is what we had read as part of our ceremony: “A lock and key can symbolize so much. For Kirbie and Kirsty, it symbolizes the opening of their hearts to one another and the locking of the commitment that now binds them together. Kirbie and Kirsty believe a soulmate is someone who has the keys that fit our locks and the locks that fit with our keys. With this person, we feel safe enough to open these locks, our authentic selves emerge, and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we truly are and not for whom the world may see. Each unveils the deepest parts of the other and while not all are beautiful, they take their hand and offer love and acceptance for those imperfections. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we are safe, we are home. They are the one who makes life come to life.”

My little sister, well she’s 22 and taller than me, was our ‘ring bearer.’ She presented us with our rings and our love lock during the ceremony, which was a lovely way to include her in our day. 

After our vows, and sealing the deal with a kiss, we simply walked around the ground taking gorgeous, intimate photos. Then took a moment together before the reception to sit, just the two of us, and have a beverage before being announced into our reception as MRS & MRS GILCHRIST! Then we drank and danced and celebrated! 

‘Our band’ is A Day to Remember, we go to all of their concerts, and it was one of our first official dates. When preparing the suggestion list for the DJ, we ummed and erred over whether to add in our style of music we like. But it’s our day, we went for it, and some of my favorite moments were Kirsty headbanging in her wedding dress and singing our lungs out, while most people had no idea what was playing!! We loved it and that’s what matters most.

Kirsty and I were discussing wedding cake, honestly, my favorite cake is carrot cake, and Kristy’s is chocolate, neither are super “weddingy,” and after looking into the costs we thought it wasn’t a tradition we needed to stick with. Then Kirbie saw the idea of having a brownie tower! We both love brownies! 

They were home made by a friend, and she assembled the tower at the venue after the ceremony, using flowers from our bequests/arbor piece. It was delicious, beautiful, and free! After deciding on brownies were thought we could ditch the “cake cutting seeing as there was no cake but we were gifted a lovely knife and server set from Kristy’s aunt for our bridal shower to use so we thought ‘oh well we’ll just cut a brownie!’ 

Turns out that made for a hilariously sweet little moment with some brownie sharing shenanigans. 

We took silly photos in the photobooth and soaked up all the love from our friends and family!

It was incredible, every single detail.

Photographer Lightsmith Images

Cinematographer Avatara Media
Bowtie Trendhim
Bridal Boutique Sugar and Spice
Brownie Tower Kristen Payne [friend]
Catering Cuisine on Que
Celebrant Jacquline Besson [friend]
Florist Jacqui M Designs
Hair Elizabeth Crossley 
Hire Star Hire 
Jacket Sumissura 
Makeup Che Saw Beauty
Rings Diamonds International
Stylist Beautiful Weddings
Transport Lady Luck Beanshine
Venue Walkabout Creek