Coming Out As Transgender after Marriage

This is a shoot we designed with the intent to ‘recreate’ Madi & Taylor’s wedding day in a way that would represent their relationship as it is now! They were both first married in 2019 to each other. But in 2020 Taylor came out as trans, and since then, she has been more confident with herself, outgoing, and proud to show her relationship. 

They now live as a happy queer lesbian couple and Madi has been nothing but supportive, and it is incredible to see how strong and supportive they each are in their relationship. So this styled shoot was a way for them to get the photos they wish they had and renew their vows.

Words by Planner & Photographer Alesha Brown from Rove Coast Photography.

Madi And Taylor, How Did You Meet? 

M & T: We met during our junior year of high school in our American Studies class. We had hardly talked to each other, but Taylor started saving me a seat in class and after a while, I worked up the nerve to ask her to hang out. I told her I needed help with a video game. My clever excuse to get her over (and it totally worked.)

The first vacation we took together on our own was a road trip through central Oregon and back up the coast. It’s one of our favorite memories when we reflect back on our journey together. Not too long after we first moved in together. We had so much fun singing in the car, camping, and seeing cool geological features. We’ve gone on many trips since then, but that trip stands out for both of us.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge You’ve Had To Overcome Together?

We’ve gone through several challenges together, but the biggest was the time we spent in a long-distance relationship during college. My parents didn’t want us to date. I think they were scared of the kinds of trouble two 17-year-olds can get into. But we continued to see each other in secret through the rest of high school and through college. We went to school over 100 miles apart, but Taylor rode the bus down to see me every other weekend for four years. 

It was challenging balancing our separate college lives. Our relationship together, and the big secret that drove me crazy for years. Taylor was the real hero there, spending nearly 10 hours on the bus for less than 48 hours with me at a time. 

Since then, we’ve moved in together. We got engaged, adopted a cat, got married, bought a house, lived through a pandemic. And discovered our true selves, and renewed our vows. The years of distance were a huge challenge. But the experience taught us that we could get through nearly anything together.

Tell Us Your Favorite Thing About One Another.

Madi: My favorite thing about Taylor is her thoughtfulness and her way of supporting others through small, meaningful actions. She’s always there as a shoulder for me to cry on when I need it. She cooks foods I love when I’m stressed or having a bad day. And always supports my ever-changing forms of self-expression. 

She recently stayed up all night with me while I wrote my final grad school paper. Just to keep me company. She was exhausted, but she stayed with me until the end so I wouldn’t lose motivation because she knew I was having a hard time. I love the way she truly cares about the people she loves. 

Taylor: One of my favorite things about Madi is her silliness. Many people have given up the light-hearted playfulness of childhood to adopt a serious mindset they think is more befitting of adulthood. I think more people should invite a little more playfulness into their lives like Madi. It makes life much easier and fun. 

She’s also very supportive. She is always willing to help and is great comfort in times of need. She cares deeply for those around her and often struggles with feeling like she is not doing enough to help others when she is already going out of her way.

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