A romantic lesbian wedding outside in the desert in Zion Red Rock, America
Melissa & Caity’s Magical Desert Wedding at Zion Red Rock

Melissa and Caity’s wedding at Zion Red Rock Oasis was a blend of desert charm and heartfelt moments. From their AmeriCorps meeting to dual proposals in Idyllwild, their story is a testament to love’s adventurous spirit.

A lesbian bohemian vintage wedding
A Double Proposal to a Perfect Wedding

From missed trails to dual proposals, Dani & Lina’s love prevailed. And discover how their perfect wedding unfolded, embracing earth tones and vintage romance amidst breathtaking views.

A intimate lesbian elopement in Big Sur, California
A Lesbian Elopement Filled with Romance and Adventure

We first met and started dating on September 29, 2019. We got engaged a year…

A lesbian outside wedding in Harvard, Massachusetts
Love Wins: A Stunning Lesbian Wedding Celebration of Commitment and Queer Vendors

Michaella and Carolyn met at work in 2018 and started dating in 2019. They got engaged after two years and decided to wait until October 2022 for their wedding to celebrate safely with family and friends.

Adventurous Elopement in the Mountains
Adventurous Elopement in the Mountains

Meag and Kim’s love story is one of true love and adventure. After reconnecting after ten years, they fell in love all over again and decided to elope in the mountains with their dog, Bruce. Their love knows no bounds and is a reminder that love can conquer all obstacles.

An Intimate Elopment at Promise Ridge, Pennsylvania
An Intimate Elopement at Promise Ridge in the Pocono Mountains

This elopement at Promise Ridge was the perfect celebration of Jonelle & Sarah’s love, shared…

Sophie & Tiana – An Intimate, Personal Wedding in Los Angeles

In a personal ceremony, written by the brides, Sophie and Tiana hosted an an intimate wedding to celebrate their once long-distance relationship, now marriage.

Lesbian two brides Jewish traditional wedding in Virginia USA
A Queer Jewish Wedding in Virginia

Incorporating Jewish traditions into their two bride wedding was something that was important – that and incorporating their mutual love of beer.

Gay & Lesbian moody romantic wedding in Ohio America
A Modern-Meets-Funky Cleveland Wedding Day

Surrounded by incredible wedding flowers, Kayla & Kelly brought to life their modern Cleveland wedding that had plenty of funky personalization.

Lesbian two brides bright and colorful wedding in Michigan America
Chelsea & Taylor – A Hallmark Proposal, And Wedding Surprises

After a first date that ended after twelve hours, a Hallmark proposal in Paris on Valentines Day, Chelsea and Taylor brought together an all female and non-binary team to create wedding magic.