Winter Solstice is a romantic day. The shortest day of the year that we’ll remember for the longest time. – Sam and Mo

Sam and Mo are perfect for each other. Sam has a very “musical theatre” personality and Mo mumbles. Together, they work. They met at a bowling alley, where all the lovers do. Sam tried talking to Mo, but she was too focused on bowling. Eventually, they went on a date at Mohawk Bend and the rest is LA lesbian history.

They picked out our own rings at Trumpet & Horn in LA. Both are one of a kind, vintage rings. They were going on a trip to Paris and Barcelona and decided to get engaged. Mo would propose at some point in Paris and Sam would propose in Barcelona. That’s all we knew. Mo proposed in the rain, under a willow tree by the Pont Neuf Bridge. Honestly, it was too perfect, Mo was fully expecting for it to go wrong. Sam proposed in a beautiful stained glass room in Barcelona with her parents (sort of) watching from below. They joined us for a glass of wine and then we went to dinner together and got really, really drunk.

They decided to get married in Sam’s childhood home with just close friends and family. If felt right – felt like home. Luckily, the house also has a gorgeous view of the ocean. The ceremony was simple with Sam’s father marrying them and it was truly touching beyond belief.

Sam is a TV writer. Mo is a cartoonist and comedian. It’s her famous cartoon Blair on the wedding favours. She also designed their cake topper based on characters she drew on a card for Sam the night she asked her to be her girlfriend. They’ve travelled with them through their entire relationship.

I guess they wanted the event to be low key. It’s not their style to go all out for a day. They would rather remember every moment of the day with a few people. It felt right at Sam’s house, it feels like home to both of us. Luckily, her parents have a gorgeous view of the ocean.

The wedding date was winter solstice – it is a romantic day. The shortest day of the year that both Sam and Mo will remember for the longest time. It’s around the holidays, so a lot of people were off work. That allowed for the wedding to be from 3-6:30pm on a weekday. Sam and Mo might have felt bad about making people come out in peak traffic hours, but whatever – it was worth it!

They let the playlist choose the vibe of the wedding day. They just shuffled Christmas music with The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and others.

When it came to finding outfits, Mo couldn’t choose between a faux fur jacket and a cape, so she got both. She chose a jumper because she wanted to wear it again (she hasn’t) and Sam wore a beautiful princess dress.

Mo wanted to look old Hollywood with a touch of “if I grab a briefcase, it looks like I’m here to yell at my employees, dammit”

Mo made the cake topper. She drew these weird characters on a card she made Sam the night she asked her to be her girlfriend and they’ve travelled with us through our relationship.

For guests, as a thank you, they made mugs with their invite image (Mo’s comic character Blair) and put some snacks and lotto tickets in there. They wanted everyone to get lucky.

Photography Mandee Johnston
Cake Suzie Cakes
Outfits BHLDN
Sam’s Shoes BHLDN
Mo’s Shoes Diane von Furstenberg