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Ade & Maja – Fabulous Queer Chaos – A Wedding Celebration

Ade & Maja – Fabulous Queer Chaos – A Wedding Celebration

Queer gay Polish and Chinese wedding in London UK (1)

We met on OKC back in 2016 when we went for a very efficient lunch date followed by a typical weekend-long second date. A year later, we moved to Singapore and then back to London, where we now live.

We don’t believe in surprise proposals, so we commissioned the rings and waited for the right time. Maja first glitched at the hot springs in Taipei and asked Ade, “How about it then?” and, on her second try, proposed properly (this time with a ring) during a hike in Alishan, Taiwan under a canopy of a 4000 years old sacred tree. Ade got FOMO and proposed soon after sunset at the top of a tea plantation.

Talk to us about your experience finding the perfect outfits.

The only thing Ade knew was that she didn’t want a traditional white dress. So instead, she found a fabulous golden evening dress at Galvan that she couldn’t say no to. Then while trying other dresses on (why would you stop after you have one), she fell for a sparkly champagne gold gown by Savin that drops glitter at every turn. And when we were leaving the studio, Maja spotted the perfect pair of shoes. It was a real team effort!

Maja’s tux was tailor-made by queer-friendly Orhan Tailoring, with all the little details – from a holographic jacket lining to the racing stripe of her trousers chosen by her.

Talk to us about the big day! 

We had a very chill morning drinking champagne and getting pampered with two of our best mates. When we put the outfits on, it was all GO GO GO! Thankfully Ade planned the schedule down to the T, with very clear instructions for everyone in the wedding party, so we could let go and just enjoy the day. 

Seeing everyone turn up at the venue dressed in their sparkly best brought us so much joy. The actual ceremony went by in a blur of tears and laughter. We paraded through the park with rainbow smoke bombs to the party venue, where things gradually descended into fabulous queer chaos. 

Our MC, Sue Gives A Fuck, led everyone in a toast, which was a combination of Chinese Yam Seng and Polish vodka, and kept everyone entertained with a fantastic performance. After a delicious dinner prepared for us by the Disappearing Dining Club, it was time for some quick drag with three of our friends rising up to the challenge and strutting their stuff on the catwalk. Followed by DJ Lady Lloyd hitting the decks and everyone hitting the dancefloor. 

We ended the night with a sparkler send-off, and it was just the best day ever!

What does marriage mean to you?

Ade: For me, it means waking each day next to my person, knowing that we can be there for each other throughout our lives – physically, emotionally, and legally.

Maja: I don’t really believe in marriage ;) I made the commitment to Ade a long time ago, so getting legally married just confirmed that. But it does give me peace of mind when it comes to life admin, like immigration.

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Overplan before, so you can go with the flow on the day. And unapologetically do things your way.

We had a wonderful day sharing the love with our friends, but most importantly, we had time for each other, and these are our favourite moments of the day.

Planning the wedding together wasn’t easy but seeing it all come together on the day was worth it. 10/10 would do again! 

Photography by Jess Rose

Accessories Maya Magal London, Uno London, Maylie & Lou, EarthlyOfferingsEW
Catering Disappearing Dining Club
Ceremony Venue Stoke Newington Town Hall
Dress Designers Savin London, Galvan London
Engagement & Wedding Rings Yuki Mitsuyasu
Entertainment Sue Gives A Fuck, DJ Lady Lloyd
Florist Fluoresse
H&MU Luna Viola
Planner | Stylist Disappearing Dining Club, Dita Rosted
Reception Venue West Reservoir Centre
Shoes Converse, Kat Maconie, Harriet Wilde
Stationery Papier
Suit Designer Orhan Tailoring

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