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Allie and Britt’s Intimate Elopement

Allie and Britt’s Intimate Elopement

A lesbian elopement captured by Henry Tieu

Allie and Britt have been together for almost five years. They met by doing everything their parents told them not to do growing up—meeting on the internet, particularly the dating app Tinder.

Aside from your wedding, what is your favorite memory together?

There are so many amazing memories that Allie and Britt have shared together over the past years. Still, their most favorite memory is the day Allie surprised Britt and their two kids with her announcement that she was going to start her part of the Reciprocal IVF process.

Tell us about the proposal.

Wow, was this a roller coaster? During the pandemic’s peak, border closers and plans were changed numerous times, but the end result was so worth it.

Britt surprised Allie with a trip to Washington State in October 2020. Originally, the plan was to be in Banff, Canada. Still, with borders closed, delayed passport renewal time, and airlines canceling flights, Britt was determined to start from scratch and plan the ultimate proposal for the 22nd of October, which was her grandparent’s wedding anniversary. She got down on one knee at Picture Lake in the North Cascade Mountains, where the scenery looked like it was something you would only see in a movie.

Talk us through the decision to elope.

Because Allie and Britt had plans to build a house in the near future, they decided something small and intimate with their kids was the way to go. They planned an elopement and family vacation all in one and had the best time and made the most amazing memories to tag along with the insanely beautiful photos their photographer Henry took.

Tell us about telling your loved ones that you’re now married.

One of the most important people they needed to tell was Britt’s grandmother Elizabeth, who helped raise her alongside Britt’s grandfather Arthur. Although they did not get to tell them in person due to their passing, Allie was able to ask for Elizabeth’s blessing to not only marry Britt but to share her wedding anniversary with them! Aside from them, they shared some photos on social media, and everyone was so incredibly happy that they said, “I do!”

Talk us through the actual elopement.

Elopement day was everything Allie and Britt hoped for! The night before, they sat across from each other at the dinner table in their Airbnb and finalized their vows before the big day! It was intimate, just as they wanted, the kids got to climb rocks and run on the beach as Allie and Britt had some photos taken, and they all went from place to place chasing the sunset until sundown, where they would hike back to the car in the dark, and pop champagne before heading back home!

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