We are … both tattoo artists that work on the outskirts of Toronto. 

In our free time, we drink lots of coffee [or wine depending on the day]. Amanda loves to sneak off and play guitar while Emma is likely whipping up pure love in the kitchen. We love anything art, horror, or dog-related. 

Our two fur babies [Moose, the chihuahua, and Marley, the German Shepard / Lab mix] are always ready for snuggles and snacks [just like their Mama’s]. 

We met … through mutual friends at the age of 14 at the local fair in Lindsay, Ontario. We have been dating since we were 17 years old, which is a whopping eight years! 

Our friendship quickly became more as we spent more time together when we were graduating from high school! We always spent time in groups, however, when we started to spend time one on one, we couldn’t get enough! We craved each other humor and genuine support. 

Because we have been together over the years and knowing each other at such a young age, we were truly able to know and grow together. Falling into love was a beautiful slow transition, growing into love was even better. 

All of a sudden, life was just so, so good. 

Getting engaged … was briefly talked about over the years. Very casually, but with genuine intent. We have been going to Amanda’s family cabin in the woods for eight years. 

In August of 2018, Amanda arranged for our dearest friends to be dropped off at an island on the same lake her cabin is on [which is very secluded]. We arrived, and her family insisted we go for a boat ride right away before dark. 

We arrived at the swimming rock, which is where the music started to play out of nowhere. Then out jumps our friends holding signs and fireworks and champagne, all sunburnt and dehydrated from being on an island for a couple of hours unsupervised. 

They quickly got into formation, holding signs that read, “will you marry me?” Amanda helped Emma off the boat and dropped to one knee to pop the question! The sun was setting, and we were surrounded by our closest friends. It was such a beautiful moment. 

The engagement rings both came from a local jewelry store in Peterborough, called Twine. Emma loves jewelry, so her Pinterest game of fashion and inspiration has always been so strong! 

Since the proposal … for us, nothing has changed. Getting married to us isn’t about cementing our relationship to make us feel official. This was about genuine certainty. We are deciding to vow in confidence that we are ready to make that commitment. That no matter what, we have got each other for life. 

Also, we both love children and definitely want to have a family. We’re planning to travel lots the upcoming years before the warm hearts in our house grow. We are so lucky to be able to travel and work; this is definitely in our near future. Growing old together, basically being the two old tattooed ladies drinking mimosas at noon.. [so, basically the same as we do now but just with grey hair!] 

Wedding planning … for us has gone so smoothly so far. Our vendors are so down to earth, and all mostly know each other, so it’s a beautiful transition being able to truly play off everyone’s craft, and personality. We want to give them freedom with our inspiration because we want them to truly have fun and be creative! 

We simply want this wedding to be fun, full of laughter, and warmness. We want everyone to feel included and have full bellies. We want to capture all our loved ones having the best time!! 

We are so fortunate … to have won a wedding! Yes, WON OUR WEDDING. They have pre-selected the best of the best vendors in the area for us to hug and plan our day with. We honestly couldn’t have dreamt of a better team. Not only are they all amazing at what they do, but such badass, down to earth, inspiring humans.

Photography by Aleisha Boyd Photography