Tell us about the proposal.

Ashlyn: Angela spent the week before Thanksgiving with my family in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, she found out while there that she had to leave town for a work meeting. While she was out of town, a friend of mine invited me to hang out for a couple of hours and go to dinner at my favorite hotel in town. 

As we were walking into the hotel, I turn the corner on this beautiful staircase, and I see below me it’s lined with candles and flower petals, and Angela is sitting at the bottom in a suit in front of a piano. 

She starts playing and singing my favorite Taylor Swift song, New Years Day, a ballad about being together in hard times just as much as the good times—and I lost it. 

She finishes the song, proposes, and I, of course, say yes. We kiss, she puts the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen on my finger, turns me around, and standing there sobbing is my entire family as well as her sister. It was the second-best day of my life (after our wedding, of course).

That sounds epic. How long was your engagement?

Angela & Ashlyn: 10 months

Why did you choose your venue?

Angela: We wanted to do a weekend wedding and give everyone ample time to get to know each other and create one family out of two. Ashlyn had never been to Lake Tahoe prior to our venue selection trip, but it just felt like the perfect place to have an outdoor wedding, have outdoor activities, and keep everyone close. So we planned an awesome beach day on Friday, and a lovely rehearsal on Friday night.

What vibe were you hoping to achieve?

Angela & Ashlyn: We wanted it to be significant, momentous, and emotional. We wanted to convey the weight of our love for each other and for our loved ones. We wanted everyone there to know they were witnessing a great love story unfold, and ensure they never forget the feeling of what it was like to be sitting before us as we promise our lives to each other.

Tell us about your wedding day

Ashlyn: We rented a beautiful mountain house overlooking the forest and the lake for the weekend. We had everyone meet there early for breakfast and getting ready, Angela’s party on the bottom floor, and mine on the top floor. Once we were at the venue, we took some gorgeous pictures, and had the first look—I specifically wanted Angela to be many feet away from me for the first look, so when she turned around I could see her reaction for a few seconds before we hugged! 

The ceremony went off perfectly — our officiant Sarah had never done a wedding before and it was the most beautiful ceremony I’ve ever heard. 

The reception was so glamorous, and before dancing, everyone went to the shore to see the most calming cotton candy sunset over the still lake water. We danced for hours, and it was total, utter bliss.

It was really important for us to have an emotive ceremony, but that was perfectly complemented by the hilarious speeches at the reception. We realized that giving our family—those who know us best—a platform to roast us and talk about our love, was the perfect touch. It was unforgettable.

We were quite lucky to have a wedding planner in the family. My sister Chandler Gentry did an incredible job pulling everything together. She really allowed us to just focus on the things that mattered.

We are convinced, perhaps naively, perhaps hubristically, but nonetheless convinced, that the universe—all of it, every space, time, and place–was created so that we could meet and be together. Marriage to us meant acknowledging that back to the universe—that we found each other, and we’re so thankful.

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