Challenges in Wedding Planning Led to This Intimate Elopement

When they began wedding planning they faced some challenges, and so, staying true to who they are, Catherine and Audrey decided to start planning an intimate elopement instead. 

How the Love Story Began. 

It all began in a small suburb of Chicago, where they both played volleyball at the same club. Catherine may not have remembered her, but Audrey definitely remembered her. They went their separate ways after college, but fate brought them back together through the power of technology. They reconnected on Bumble and have been inseparable ever since.

The Decision to Elope.

One of the most significant decisions they made together was to elope. As a same-sex couple, they faced unique challenges during the wedding planning process, and it was important for them to stay attuned to each other and their relationship. The decision to elope was a way to focus on each other and celebrate their love in an intimate and personal way.

The Elopement Day.

Their elopement was a beautiful affair, with just the two of them, their photographer, and their officiant present. They exchanged vows in front of a picturesque lake at sunset, surrounded by the beauty of nature. It was a magical moment that they will cherish forever.

What the Future Holds. 

As they move forward into the future, Catherine and Audrey are excited to continue building their life together. They recently bought a house and are looking forward to slowing down and enjoying their time together. Family is a priority for them, and they will continue to prioritize the people they love as they navigate their journey together.

Photography by NissaJ Photography

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