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Lesbian LGBTQ+ wedding honeymoon travel and accommodation tips to Lisbon Portugal (12)
LGBTQ+ Honeymoons in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and Portugal has some of the most progressive rights for LGBTQ+ marriage, adoption, and legalities surrounding gender identification. The country even has a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation enshrined in its Constitution – which makes it the perfect [safe] place for a honeymoon!

Tulum Mexico Gay LGBTQ+ wedding honeymoon destination travel 3
LGBTQ+ Honeymoons in Tulum, Mexico

It certainly isn’t one of those ‘hidden gems’ that some people love to escape to, but Tulum, Mexico, is an LGBTQ+ honeymooners paradise that you might not have heard about but certainly need to!

Inclusive Gay LGBTQ+ wedding honeymoon travel and accommodation tips to Hong Kong 3
LGBTQ+ Honeymoons in Hong Kong

It might be famous for being one of the most diverse business centers in the world, but the truth is, Hong Kong has so much more to offer to LGBTQ+ newlyweds on their honeymoon than meets the eye.

How to Travel Safely as a Lesbian Couple
How to Travel Safely as a Lesbian Couple

It shouldn’t be something to worry about, but it often is. So here’s a handy guide on how to travel safely as a lesbian couple.

China Shanghai travel Dancing With Her Directory Magazine
A Weekend In Shanghai China

Shanghai might not be known as a honeymoon destination, but there is a chance you might find yourself there on a long layover – here’s why you should make a trip of it.

Hotel 71 Quebec City, Canada LGBT+ Same-sex lesbian wedding honeymoon accommodation travel Dancing With Her directory magazine
City Guide – Quebec City

City Guide: Quebec City | Arlia & Tara from Dancing With Her explore Quebec City together as a top LGBT+ honeymoon and wedding travel destination.

New York City lesbian same-sex wedding honeymoon travel
A Guide To Brooklyn – New York City

Here’s how we explored Brooklyn, New York City for LGBTQIA+ honeymoon and holiday options, as queer people.