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Clare & Libby – A Feminine Wedding at Camp David Farm

Clare & Libby – A Feminine Wedding at Camp David Farm

Two bride lesbian wedding in Regional Victoria Australia Tahnee Jade Photography

With outfit change between ceremony and reception, Clare and Libby’s feminine wedding at Camp David Farm, Macedon, was a celebration of their love, and the support of their biological and chosen family.

Tell us about the two proposals that you shared.

Clare– I proposed first! I had actually planned it for six months but been thwarted by lockdowns. So we went on a mystery picnic near Macedon (Lib loves puzzles), collected all our ingredients, and went sightseeing on our hunt, finally eating our picnic at Hanging Rock winery. We ended up at a secret location that overlooked Hanging Rock, which is where I proposed (it went something like this: “OMG, are you serious? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. Are you kidding? No!”).

It turns out the secret location was our Airbnb, so we were able to pop the bubbly and settle in! 

Funny story – I had ordered the engagement ring before a lockdown. By the time the ring was ready, I wasn’t allowed to travel to the city to pick it up due to the 5km restriction at the time. The jeweller very kindly agreed to meet halfway. We ended up meeting at a bus stop outside Clifton Hill train station, in what I’m sure looked like a very shady exchange!

Lib– I proposed back a few months later (I believed I had it so much harder because the element of surprise was gone – anytime I would organize a date, she would start filing her nails!). So, I organized my proposal the day before her birthday and just chalked it up to birthday celebrations. The day of, I booked her in for a massage so I could go set up the venue. I had booked the Jazz Room at Lido cinemas and organized a duo (pianist and soprano singer) to come and serenade her. Her favorite roses (Mr. Lincolns) were on the table and rose petals on the stage, and I had hand-picked the songs because she loves classical music like Ava Maria. 

So, I picked her up from the massage and told her she had to be ready by 3 pm and the brief was “look hot!”. Then I brought her to the jazz room (she thought we were going to see a movie), and during ‘La Vie on Rose,’ I asked her for a dance and got down on one knee and proposed. After that, we finished the bottle of champagne, and then I drove her to the Winsor Hotel, where we had her favorite cheese (D’Avinois) and more drinks before going out for dinner. The following day, she woke up on her birthday with a ring on her finger and presents and breakfast in bed! 

What was the inspiration behind the wedding?

We wanted our wedding to show our love for each other and to be an opportunity to celebrate with our families (biological and chosen). It was significant for us to have two of our grandmothers be our witnesses and our mothers do readings. We had a big, shared feast and dancefloor – we wanted everyone to be up dancing together! We also asked everyone to dress formally – we wanted our guests to understand that they were attending a wedding, not just “two best friends promising to be best friends forever.” The aim was for a classic, timeless feel, so in 50 years, our photos still look fantastic on the wall! 

Talk to us about the big day! 

The prompt sums it up – it was a big day! We decided to get ready separately to build the suspense. 

Clare– My day started around 9 am, making pancakes with my bridesmaids. We also had to deal with a big wardrobe malfunction – so the adrenaline was pumping! My bridal party (bridesmaids, Mum, and sister) all did a yoga class before starting on hair and make-up to get back in the zone. Our photographer and videographer arrived to take some gorgeous ‘getting ready’ snaps, and then it was time!

Libby– We started earlier as the hair and make-up ladies began at our house first! It seemed a little surreal to be drinking champagne while watching your bridesmaids get dolled up for your wedding day! Tahnee and John arrived shortly after to capture all the pre-ceremony moments, including a ‘first look’ with my father and two older brothers, which was very special. Before long, I was sitting in the 1950s Daimler next to Mum, with Dad in the front, being chauffeured by Dad’s Best Man to Camp David Farm. 

Our ceremony was held outside, looking out over Mt Macedon, with our friend Conrad playing the cello. We walked in separately with our parents, leaving them at the top of the aisle to walk the rest of the way ourselves. Our celebrant nailed the brief. Our ceremony had a beautiful nod to the fight for marriage equality and then moved into a celebration of us. Let me tell you – not a dry eye in the house!

Our reception was in a marquee in the hedge garden at the back of the property. We started the night with a fun and upbeat first dance where Clare could show off her party suit and shoes before our MC had people in stitches with a comical flight attendant safety briefing. Including “keep your drink within arm’s reach at all times” and “serve yourself before serving others!”

Our parents and bridesmaids all nailed their speeches; however, Clare’s younger sister stole the show with her heartfelt speech. Our shared-feast platters were raved about, and despite having a 3-tier cake, none was left at the end of the night. We finished the formalities with a joint father-daughter rock and roll dance before the party kicked off. With the saxophonist, DJ, and vocalist keeping the dancefloor pumping all night. It was such a fabulous day, and family and friends told us how “there was just so much love in the air!”. We finished the night with a final dance to Sweet Caroline before we farewelled our guests as blissfully happy newlyweds.

Anything you are glad you did? Or wish you didn’t do?   

We asked our grandmothers to be our witnesses, which was such a beautiful moment for us. It was wonderful to have that display of familial support. We also displayed the wedding portrait photos of our parents and grandparents at our reception.

We enjoyed doing our first dance as our entry dance so we could tick that off early and also sitting on the couch together during the speeches provided a sweet and intimate setting that we loved. Also we are glad we scheduled all the formalities to finish before the father-daughter dance. As once the guests were invited to the dancefloor, the party could really kick-off for the remainder of the night.

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