The Lavender Haze is a queer owned Melbourne Victoria Queer, Lesbian & Gay elopement wedding film and photographer 3
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The Lavender Haze

I'm Jacinta Oaten, a queer photographer and filmmaker. I've been capturing lovers ever since I realised just how rewarding taking care of others' cherished memories is.

To get down to it, my first ever wedding was back in 2010! There's nothing like seeing the joy that radiates from people and how stoked they are when they receive their images. So I wanted to create an incredible wedding photography and film business that's totally inclusive and a visibly safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community.

I know how daunting it can be seeking a service and not knowing whether or not you'll be catered for. This is why I'm out here leading an all-queer team to provide an incredible photo and video coverage for all couples - and yes, myself and the team travel anywhere and everywhere for our community!

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Melbourne VIC, Australia
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