Donna & Maddi

How Did You Meet?

D & M: We met on Tinder.

D: It was love at first sight. I just had to convince her of the same. When we finally met, I was about ten meters away and knew straight away; she was perfect. When I got up close, she had this smile that sparkled even more than her body glitter. And for me, that was it. I was in!

M: I still remember Donna walking towards me. She was so bright. Her smile, her eyes and her feminine walk. Everything about her seemed to be gleaming. I knew straight away that this was it.

What Are Your Favorite Moments Together?

D & M: Our favorite times together are the spontaneous outings with our three girls. Most recently, it was the Farm Animal Rescue Fundraising Gala. The prep, then getting ready, and then having a photoshoot, it was all incredible. It was the Gala that led to us creating our Instagram page.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge That You’ve Had To Overcome Together? 

D & M: Blending our families. We have three girls between us. Donna has a four year old and Maddi has both a four and three year old. Also, with three kids under five, finding sleep is a constant challenge.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About One Another?

D: Maddi’s upbeat personality. She is always sparkly and lights up a room. She is hilarious and makes me laugh a lot.

M: I love Donna’s laugh. I like the sound of it, how she easily laughs at everything, and her cute little smile and dimples while she laughs. Her eyes look extra glittery and blue when she laughs.

What Does Your Future Together Look Like?

D & M: Continuing to build our vegan businesses, expanding ‘Til The Cows Come Home’ (a not for profit charity) and releasing the second and third books of the ‘Healthy, Sexy, Vegan.’

There will also be a lot of things that we will be continuing. Continuing to blend our families and shoot weddings through Maddi’s photography business, Bird and Boy Photography, we are really targeting and focusing on LGBTQI couples.

Photography by Bird and Boy Photography

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