The couple sits on a path, cuddling and smiling at each other, with their golden retriever puppy lying nearby.

Expanding Their Family with a Dog

Brandi and Carley decided to expand their family, with a dog – Finley has been the perfect pup and has brought them together as a couple.

Tell us about your choice to adopt a dog into your family.

Adding Finley into our life together was something we never knew we needed. 

We always talked about getting a dog in the future but all the pieces seemed to fit perfectly together by the time Finley’s litter came. We were originally in line for the litter before him, but since we wanted a male we were bumped to the next one and here we are! 

We have poured so much love into our little dude, and we’ve bonded so much over how we plan on raising Finley, and every decision we make regarding him is always on the same page. 

We have grown together so much just simply experiencing life with Finley.

Tell us about Finley. 

Don’t get us started on how great of a pup Finley is. There are so many small quirks he has that makes up the big personality that he has. From zooming on command, to scooping your hand into his body when he wants pets. There are just so many that we completely adore. 

We really cannot picture our life without him, and we are so happy things worked out when they did so we are able to have the honor of owning him. 

He is our best friend, and there’s nothing we look more forward to at the end of the day than coming home and seeing that cheeky grin. 

We truly are so lucky, our life has changed for the better, in so many ways.

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