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Karina & Stacie – A Quirky Backyard Elopement

Karina & Stacie – A Quirky Backyard Elopement

A Fun Alternative Lesbian Elopement - California - Dancing With Her

Together, in their own backyard, Karina & Stacie became wives. They had a first look, rode rollerskates into the sunset and spent the night calling family to tell them of their new commitment.

The Love Story

We met eight years ago, three kids and two puppies later. If you asked Stacie, she would say that I stalked her on Instagram. 

The true story is that Karina used to take pole dancing classes, and she saw her instructor perform at a birthday party; it was Stacie’s birthday party. We started following each other and then dated for a year before committing. 

The Proposal

Stacie surprised Karina on her birthday during a hot air balloon and wine tasting trip. We left Friday, early enough to go to a few wineries. Karina was busy still on work calls on the way there and even when we arrived at the winery. 

It worked perfectly because it gave me time to call ahead and let them know that I was proposing and if they could use a wine menu I created as part of the proposal. 

We drank a few different reds, and then I gave the clue to the server, and he brought this special wine glass with the wine of the day and the menu.

On the glass there was a stem tassel with the ring attached to it. 

She concentrated on reading the menu and looked at me multiple times, asking what I was doing. I asked her to be my partner for life, and we kissed, hugged, she cried, and everyone around us cheered. 

Deciding to Elope

We were originally scheduled to be married June 2020 in Portugal. The wedding was canceled due to all current events, but we still wanted to commit to one another and didn’t want to make anyone feel obligated to come out during COVID19. 

We decided to get married in our own beautiful backyard. Karina is into the Moon, so we thought it was perfect to do it on 9.22.20 which is the Autumnal Equinox. 

We told our parents that night over the phone and our kids the next day. 

They were incredibly happy for us and completely understood and respected our decision. They also know we do not do anything ‘normal’! 

The Wedding Day

We woke up together and super excited that we did not have to work since it was a Tuesday. Left the house and drove to Tito’s Tacos in Culver City and sat in the car listening to music. We came back home, and it was time to get ready and enjoy the day. Because it was the Autumnal Equinox, we ask our spiritual guide to come and bless our home for us before the photographer arrived. 

We meditated, blessed our home and set intentions for each room. 

The photographer (Rita) arrived after the blessing and took a few pictures of us around the house. We then changed in individual rooms. The, we had our first look. 

I walked out to “Sent from Heaven” from Rahsaan Patterson, we exchange vows to each other and exchanged rings. 

We then left for the nearby park and took more amazing pictures. When we returned home, our best friend cooked for us and was our chef for the night. 

We enjoyed our night laughing, calling our parents and drinking champagne, celebrating our new commitment to one another.

Photography by Rita Labib

Florals Rouge & Fox Floral Co.
Gown Jocelyn Dungca
Hat Lone Hawk Hats
Rings Michael Alan JewelersBless the Theory
Spiritual Guide Jo Miller

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