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A Lesbian Proposal by the Eiffel Tower in Paris

A Lesbian Proposal by the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Lesbian Proposal in Paris by the Eiffel Tower

Sarah planned a surprise proposal while on a trip to Paris, and with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and a local queer photographer hiding to capture the very moment. 

Vic and Sarah met through mutual friends in Los Angeles 8 months prior. They had an undeniable chemistry and quickly moved forward in their relationship. Both had been in serious relationships before, but this one felt different. They shared values, had similar goals, and spent a lot of time laughing together.


Sarah wanted to propose to Vic on a trip to Paris she had planned with friends. She kept it a secret, even learning French in secret, and enlisted the help of friends and family. She even crafted a fake proposal plan to keep Vic from suspecting the real one. Planning the proposal was an exciting experience for Sarah, as she never thought she’d have the chance to propose to someone.


Vic arrived in Paris with friends thinking they were starting a tour, but was soon surprised by Sarah’s proposal. They were surrounded by flowers, the beautiful Eiffel Tower, and hired a local, queer French photographer to capture the moment. Vic was happy, shocked, and confused all at once when she saw Sarah.


Vic and Sarah bought their engagement rings together, both wanting lab-grown diamonds for environmental and ethical reasons. They found what they wanted at Vrai in West Hollywood, a store that specializes in lab-grown diamonds. Sarah took a bit longer to decide but landed on a gold band with a unique, rectangular diamond while Vic chose a classic silver band with a hidden halo and pave band.

Vic and Sarah’s love story began in Los Angeles and took them to Paris for a beautiful proposal. They both wanted to capture the special moment and have a lasting reminder of the joy they felt. They chose lab-grown diamonds for their engagement rings and found the perfect ones at Vrai. This lesbian proposal was a celebration of love and a beautiful new chapter in their lives together.

Photography by Camille Collin

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