Who is Leah the creative lady behind the lens at Leah Ladson Photography?

I love this question! What you see is what you get with me, I am an open book. I am an extrovert, and wear my heart on my sleeve. I am super emotional and super affectionate. I feel others feelings really deeply (which is a blessing and a curse) and I think that is what makes me good at what I do.

When I am not shooting weddings, I am mentoring & educating other photographers and business owners which I absolutely LOVE. I am also a Mum to two beautiful girls (3 & 7 years old) and scored myself a beautiful and supportive Husband. In our spare time (What even is that?!) we love to travel, eat good food and hang out at home! I think that pretty much sums me up!

What makes you get up out of bed everyday and do what you do?

I am so in love with the life that I have created for myself. I love getting out of bed each morning to a different schedule. Every morning starts with getting our girls ready for school & kinder, then I could be off to a shoot, mentoring or I could be editing at home. I love getting out and meeting new people, but I equally love coming home and locking myself in my editing cave and zoning out! I’m pretty stoked I get to do all this fun stuff and get to call it work!

When you’re not shooting weddings, what would we find you doing?

I am a photographer, but I am also a mentor & and educator.

If I’m not shooting weddings, you can find me photographing some amazing business owners and brands such as Philips, Jose Cuervo, Baxter Blue and Uber Eats.

Or I might be mentoring and coaching up & coming photographers and helping them launch or step up in their business. You might find me speaking at events, or you might just find me lounging at home in my active wear.

How did you come to be a photographer?

I picked up my Mum’s Fujica SX-1 when I was about 10 years old and taught myself how to take photos using film. When I was old enough for my first job, I worked at a local camera shop where I would earn $18 a week and subsequently spend that pay on developing or buying new film.

It wasn’t until I was 23 that I took the leap and said ‘YES’ when a friend of a friend asked me to shoot their wedding. That was in 2008, and 11 years later I am still shooting weddings and absolutely love it!

Give us your best wedding advice…

Do it your way!

Don’t worry about traditions, or what you ‘should’ do… Personalise it, make it your own and I guarantee you will have the best day of your lives and it will show through all of your photos!

And lastly, what are your ‘words I live by’?

Choose kind.

Every decision I make in my life is based on choosing kindness. You never know what someone might be going through behind closed doors. EVERYONE has their shit. So just be kind. It doesn’t cost a cent, nor does it take extra time out of your day. And the bonus? The universe will pay you back with an abundant life and positive vibes!

Photography by Leah Ladson Photography