Two brides in coral dresses laughing and twirling indoors.

Minimal Bright and Colorful Elopement Inspiration

Full of vibrant colors, this styled elopement is all the proof you might need to know that weddings shouldn’t have rules, and we should be able to express ourselves through bold and bright attire, florals and styling.

What inspired this colorful styled wedding? 

We wanted to show that you shouldn’t be scared of taking chances and injecting color into your wedding. After all, weddings should be fun, memorable and a reflection of who the couple is. 

Keisha and Deana had their Barbie moment in this shoot – with minimal styling, but lots of color, the brides were the main attraction! 

The creative team felt like society puts too many rules on weddings – what’s allowed, what’s not, what color we should wear, and what colors we shouldn’t. Sometimes you just have to break all the rules to ensure you give everyone a true reflection of what you want to be on the day. 

Deana and Keisha, how did you love story come to be?

We met during the pandemic, and faced so many challenges. We got to know one another through screens, Facetime, texts and voice notes. 

Deana decided she had to meet Keisha, and arrived unannounced at her house to ‘formally’ introduce herself one afternoon. 

She was so shy she could hardly speak, and Keisha was so nervous and surprised that she couldn’t stop shaking as she stood there in her pajamas. 

But, our love has blossomed. 

We’ve moved in together, and although we’re still trying to work out living outside of our parents homes for the first time, we’ve got a solid foundation to something really special. 

Despite all the obstacles and how much we drive each other up the walls sometimes, we know that we’re each other’s person. We wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else. 

Photography by Basque Imagery

Candles Okra Candle
Coordinator and Stylist Amo Creative
Decor, Smalls, Concept Creation and Stylist Baie Goeters
Dresses Stephen Van Eeden
Florals Emily Bloom
Makeup and Hair Behind The Face
Neon Lights and Smalls The Glow Co
Venue Kleine Valleij

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