Margan Photography is a wife & wife elopement wedding photography team in New South Wales, Australia 2

Margan Photography

Hey there! Were Erin and Erica Margan - a wife and wife duo specialising in capturing LGBTQ+ weddings across NSW, the ACT and beyond. Our photos? They’re vibrant, heartfelt, connected, joy filled and real.

Fun fact: we've been photographing queer weddings for over 10 years now. But that's not all - we've also had the incredible experience of being brides ourselves. Not just once, but twice! Our first big gay wedding took place 13 years ago, and the when the marriage equality bill finally came through, we jumped at the chance to legally recognise our beautiful family in a more intimate celebration with our two beautiful boys in tow.

We absolutely understand all the excitement (and occasional frustrations) that come with planning a wedding as a queer couple. Feeling 100% comfortable on your special day, proudly celebrating your love and being celebrated with all your family and friends around you —these things truly matter.

Our fabulous LGBTQ+ community is as diverse, as it is fabulous and being part of so many incredible love stories means the absolute world to us.

We can’t wait to hear more about yours!

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