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Sharon The Celebrant

To watch Sharon perform a ceremony is entertaining, to say the least, she engages with so many of your guests and you see her flitting about pre ceremony making sure everything and everyone is just right, smiling, laughing and organising along the way.

Her passion shines through as she shares your story with her vibrate personality bringing in laughter and tears throughout your ceremony journey. She strips everything right back and gets down to the nitty gritty of how you fell in love, your shared values, that first attraction and her favourite story of yours usually involves your first pash, she really loves that Pash word!

Guests are watching and listening and waiting for the next clanger of a story or the next tear jerking moment, there isn’t anyone clock watching and wishing it to end that’s for sure, she has the right balance of timing, humour and emotions to keep your attention almost leaving you wanting more. Sharon believes your ceremony is a celebration and the real start of the festivities following through to your reception, leaving everyone smiling and feeling all mushy and loved up and ready to party the day or night away.

Recently married herself, she knew how it felt to not feel 100% equal in the marriage department, having to go to another country to be legally married herself and now totally thrilled to have her marriage legally and emotionally recognised in her own country finally.

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