Meet, Sharon The Celebrant

Who Is Sharon The Celebrant?

Sharon The Celebrant hmmmmm let’s see if I can condense this down a little, I laugh with my entire body and my mouth wide open. I live most moments to the fullest, and I have two speeds: fast and in-reverse. I love hard, and I nurture even harder. I’m articulate, and in the right company, I have a potty mouth and a very naughty sense of humor. I am a mama to three children, two without fur one with fur. I am a wife, sometimes a good one and sometimes a not so good one; it is about balance, people!

How Did You Come To Be A Celebrant?

Funny story, my brand new girlfriend, now wife, headed off to our first romantic (dirty) weekend away and stopped off along the way for a beverage. We ran into an old friend of above mentioned GF who had just come back from a wedding rehearsal, and she said she is a celebrant on the side, and it is her holiday fund. Well, that’ all the GF/Wife needed to hear “honey, this would be perfect for you, and it can be our holiday fund! A few years later, I finally studied and became a celebrant, found myself a mentor and I took off really quickly, the “holiday” fund job became my “mortgage” fund job. I couldn’t believe after being in the jewelry industry for over 25 years, and I had found my other calling in life as a celebrant in the wedding industry. Fate hey!

What Is The Role Of A Wedding Celebrant?

Being the perfect fit for your couple that trusts you to guide them through a somewhat daunting experience. Know your legals and prepare your couple as best you can to make their journey to marriage an easy one, a fun one, and an informative one.

What’s Your Best Advice To Those Feeling Nervous About Standing Up Marrying In Front Of A Crowd? 

Choose the right celebrant for a start!!!

One you trust, one that you feel the most comfortable with. One you know will do what they say they will do. And, most importantly, the celebrant you click with on all levels.

I’m the mothering type or more the Naughty Aunty, who gives you a cuddle and a laugh. We all know what laughing does to us physically and mentally. Then when those good chemicals are released in the brain, the nerves go by the wayside. 

Don’t get me wrong; nerves are a GOOD thing, and if you aren’t nervous enough I will fire you up. Don’t you worry about that.

I have had only one couple who were beyond nervous, and they were anxious beyond belief. Instead of facing their favourite people (guests), I had them face each other for the entire ceremony, and that absolutely did the trick. So nerves are manageable. It’s when it turns to anxiety that it changes, so you need to adjust to your couple accordingly.

Personal Vows Or Something More Traditional? 

I heavily encourage personal vows because the traditional part of your vows is the legal vow that you must say by law, so you really do get the best of both worlds, and it sounds super formal, which I like.

Your personal vows are a completely different story. It is open slather with those. I have had long, short, funny, serious, mushy and my personal favourite…rhyming.

Surprise vows are the best, have a chat with your almost betrothed about length and style that you are happy with and you will find they will match perfectly. And no, you do not have to remember them, your celebrant will have them for you on the day.

If You Have A Wedding-Free Weekend, Where Would We Find You?

On route by foot to South Melbourne market for gozlome or octopus paired with a bottle of Rosè with our Coconut (our bordoodle puppy). Then, possibly grabbing some fruit and veg before walking home finding any happy hour we can.

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure? 

Champagne, lasagna, anything leather and leopard skin, and quiet time with my wife when no one knows where we are.

Dancing With Her Partner
Celebrant Sharon The Celebrant

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