Lesbian Forest Proposal by Between the Pines
Laura & Kelsey – A Proposal Photoshoot

Amongst the forest pines, Laura organized a surprise proposal during a planned photoshoot – and Kelsey had no idea!

A Lesbian Proposal at Lake Tahoe by Ali Boundy
A Double Proposal at Lake Tahoe

Without knowing it, Lindsay and Tatum both planned to propose to one another at Lake Tahoe at the very same time.

Alazzia Gianni captured lesbian beach surprise proposal San Diego and Tijuana USA (1)
A Sunset Proposal on a San Diego Beach While Horseback Riding

While horseback riding on a beautiful empty beach in San Diego during sunset, Nadine had a photographer hide on the beach to capture a perfect proposal.

Maple & Ochre Photography captured this gorgeous surprise lesbian proposal at Manly New South Wales
Questioning Sexuality after an Abusive Relationship and Finding Love

When they met, Annie wasn’t sure about her sexuality and had just come out of a long-term relationship with an emotionally abusive man – she’s now found love

Lesbian queer couples surprise engagement on the water front in Chicago USA captured by McKenzie Bigliazzi photography (1)
Adrianne & Jessica – Growing up With a Homophobic Family

Jessica grew up in a homophobic family, and it’s been a hard journey – but, it makes Adrianne and Jessica’s engagement all that more special.

Lesbian suprise proposal on a farm in Victoria Australia captured perfectly by Nikki Russian Photography (1)
Casey & Vanessa – An Engagement After 10 Years Together

After 10 years together, Casey and Vanessa (who’d consider themselves opposites) decided that marriage would be the next step – after the proposal, they eloped.

Cute lesbian couples surprise lighthouse beach proposal in Maine USA captured by Lensy Michelle Photography (1)
Caitlyn & Kelsie

By fate, best friends, Caitlyn and Kelsie, both planned to propose, at the same place on the same date. Proof that their souls were meant to be.

Gay surprise photography proposal in Florida USA captured by Jessica Acco Photography (1)
Alissa & Christina – A Proposal Captured in Downtown Jacksonville

In downtown Jacksonville, Christina threw confetti into the air during a couples photoshoot, only to turn around and see Alissa down on one knee.

Lesbian Halloween proposal in Texas America (1)
Kayla & Savanna – Finding Love After Marriage and Kids

Kayla had children from a previous marriage, but after finding herself and coming out fell in love with Savanna and their blended family just got engaged.

Lesbian surprise beach proposal captured by Tiny House Photos in Sanibel America
Indira & Priscilla – Finding Love after Marriage

After meeting when they were both pregnant and married to a man, Indira and Priscilla found love with a woman, unexpectedly but also magically.