A Puerto Rico small lesbian wedding
Cherese & Valentina’s Journey of Love & Acceptance

Cherese and Valentina triumphed over challenges, embracing their love story with resilience. Their journey led to a cherished Puerto Rican wedding, a testament to their enduring bond.

A Berlin, Germany lesbian love story
Deidre & Paula’s Heartwarming Love Tale

Deidre & Paula’s chance encounters to enduring hardships, their bond stands as a testament to the beauty of love, resonating with anyone seeking a genuine connection.

An intimate lesbian wedding in Portland, Oregon
Long-Distance Adventures and an Intimate Wedding

From swiping right to an enchanting open-water swim, Abby & Shaina’s journey led them to an intimate wedding celebration.

A romantic military lesbian wedding
Stacey and Paulina’s Extraordinary Love Story

Join Stacey and Paulina on their extraordinary journey of love, where military life, undeniable chemistry, and a leap of faith brought them together. From a cheeky kiss to a breathtaking wedding day, their story will warm your heart and inspire you to embrace love’s unexpected twists.

A Lesbian Love Story with a Bachelor Twist
A Lesbian Love Story with a Bachelor Twist

Experience the heartwarming journey of Emily and Kristi, two elementary school teachers whose friendship evolved into a beautiful love story. From bonding over The Bachelor to a surprise proposal with a Final Rose Ceremony theme, their engagement is a testament to love, friendship, and happily ever afters.

A small Australian lesbian wedding on a farm
From High School Crushes to a Magical Wedding

Ebony & Hannah met in high school and defied the odds to build a lasting relationship. From a secret proposal with a viral video to a heartwarming wedding on a family farm.

Lesbian wedding in Kansas, USA
A Serendipitous Lesbian Romance and Unforgettable Wedding

Taylor and Kelsey’s wedding was a modern, industrial affair with a touch of romance, filled with surprises and heartfelt moments.

A beautifully intimate queer elopement
Love Without Bounds: The Intimate Elopement of Jess and TT

Jess and TT, two online content creators and makeup artists, eloped in an intimate ceremony focused on their love for each other. After three failed proposals, the couple decided to forego a traditional wedding and opt for a simple, yet beautiful, vacation with a wedding.

Relationship challenges to forever love
Blind Contour Drawings and Wedding Rings: A Love Story

Sloan and Stephanie met in a dive bar in Seattle and have been together for almost 15 years. From making each other’s wedding rings to overcoming challenges together, their love has grown and evolved over time.