From High School Crushes To A Magical Wedding

How Long Have You Been Together, And How Did You Meet?

We’ve been together for six years.

Our story began in high school during year eight when we both had feelings for the same boy named Sam, who was Ebony’s boyfriend and Hannah’s best friend. After some awkwardness, Sam suggested they all meet to alleviate the tension. Despite their initial hesitancy, they agreed to meet, and while the tension remained, they both found each other intriguing. After ten years of going their separate ways, they reunited at Piano Bar one night. Hannah recognized Ebony from high school and decided to win her over by singing her heart out. Ebony had just returned from a football trip and was enjoying herself when she heard Hannah sing. She immediately declared to her friend that she was going to marry that girl because her voice was amazing. They exchanged numbers and became best friends.

Aside From Your Wedding, What Is Your Favorite Memory Together?

Our honeymoon! Ebony’s family is Scottish, so we traveled to Scotland and had the most incredible time spending Christmas with family and even got a white Christmas which was unreal! We also spent two days at Disneyland Paris and treated ourselves to the most bougie hotel and can confirm it is the happiest place on earth! 

Tell Us About The Proposal.

Hannah wrote a song and proposed singing it! 

The proposal was very secretive, with only close family and friends knowing. Hannah designed the ring using her great-grandmother’s sapphire and Ebony’s Granny’s diamonds.

Ebony thought they were going to a piano bar for a joint birthday celebration, as we are a day apart. Hannah had secret rehearsals with the pianist from the piano bar and had to pretend she was rehearsing for something else. Ebony had asked to go to the rehearsals, and Hannah had to create many different excuses to keep the secret. The video of the proposal went viral on Facebook! 

Hannah wrote a song about their first meeting moment and also sang it when she proposed.

Any Stories From The Lead-Up To The Wedding Stressful Or Funny?

The most stressful part leading up to our wedding was COVID-19! We had planned a big wedding two years earlier, and then COVID hit, and we had to cancel, which was disappointing. We then planned another one a year later, and COVID hit again.. so we were like, well, it’s not meant to be, and we gave up and decided we would just go overseas with the wedding money. Then as we were getting closer to our trip, we decided we wanted to celebrate our love with our families and planned our small wedding in a month! We are so glad we decided to go small and couldn’t have asked for a better day. The cancellations really were a blessing in disguise. 

Talk Us Through Your Wedding Day.

It was very chill! Hannah got ready with her sisters; Ebony headed to her Granny’s and got Ebony all dressed in her kilt and attire. We then headed to the family farm, walked each other down the aisle, and spent the rest of the day with our lovely family. Everyone brought a plate of food, so it was like a big Christmas lunch! So delicious. Ebony’s Granny gave a traditional Scottish toast using a Quaich, which is used to celebrate a bond between two clans or families. Everyone took a sip from the Quaich, uniting their families. We ended the night with some family karaoke.. obviously! 

Advice For Other Couples Planning A Smaller Wedding?

Don’t fret about the guest list! We struggled so much at the start feeling bad about not inviting certain people. However, on the day, the intimate nature of our wedding was our favorite thing. It’s your day, your friends will understand. 

Get creative and make it personal – we loved the personal touches we had at our wedding and the link to family. 

Don’t get caught up in the details or stress too much about the planning. Take time to enjoy the moment and focus on each other.

Photographer Ebony Tannouri Photographer

Arbour Bellarine Golden Olive
Cake Irene And Leanne (Mum And Granny)
Celebrant Kate Uren
Engagement & Wedding Rings Brett’s Jewellers
Kilt House Of Scotland
Makeup Artist Blush Bar Geelong
Pants Katies
Suit Designer Politix
Venue Bellarine Golden Olive 
Wooden Table Settings Mark Kadenbach

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