Lexi & Michaela – A Snowy Outdoor Ceremony In Montana

Surrounded by snow, their loved ones, and their dog, Lexi and Michaela said ‘I do’. Their Montana wedding was intimate and perfect.

We Want To Know All About The Proposal.

Lexi planned the most beautiful proposal ever! We were vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, MX. Lexi planned for us to visit a private beach at a private resort where we would “have drinks and dinner.” We took a walk along the beach when Lexi pulled her phone out to take a selfie of us.

Conveniently (and planned by Lexi), a photographer was “practicing her skills” and asked to take our photo. That’s when Michaela turned to find Lexi down on one knee.

Lexi struggled to find the right words, or really any words at all, but Michaela wouldn’t have heard them behind her joy and excitement. The answer was obvious – YES!!!

We proceeded to have an engagement photoshoot on the beach, followed by a private dinner. It was a perfect evening.

You Did A Few Wedding Day DIY Projects. Tell Us About Those.

We bought three large pallet boards that we wanted to use for decor. The day before the wedding, we spent several hours with our moms decorating the boards. We hung photos from both of our childhood, along with pictures throughout our relationship and with family members. We added lights and greenery. This was a fun project to reflect on our relationship, the family who supported us, and spend quality time with our moms before the big day.

Tell Us About Finding Those Incredible Wedding Day Dress And Jumpsuit.

This is our favorite question! This experience was extraordinary for us. 

M: I was looking for wedding shops in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area to schedule appointments. A friend of mine had shared a post from a local wedding boutique that was paying tribute to the Black Lives Matter organization shortly after George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis. I thought the post was very well written, so I started exploring their page and quickly learned that they are an incredibly inclusive boutique that welcomes members from the LGBTQ community. I made an appointment, had the BEST experience, and bought the 1st dress I tried on!!

After the wonderful experience, I texted the friend who had shared the boutique’s page, and she informed me that she knows the owner. The owner proceeded to offer to create a CUSTOM jumpsuit for Lexi!

Lexi had been on the fence about wanting to wear a jumpsuit but was worried she would have trouble finding them at local boutiques. She was able to work with the owner and another designer at the boutique to hand-design her dream jumpsuit. She completed her look with a veil and a belt.

Flutter Bridal Co was incredible to work with! We are forever grateful.

So, How Was The Wedding Day?

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. We soaked up every moment, and the wedding’s intimacy made it easier to enjoy the little things. We had our own sweethearts table, so during dinner, we took time to look out at our family and closest friends and reflect on how grateful and blessed we are to have each one of them in our lives.

And, Your Favorite Moments?

Our most favorite moment was reading our hand-written vows in front of those most important to us. Hearing our family laugh and cry while we read our vows solidified the truth and meaning behind each word.

We also had a blast on the dance floor with all our favorite people. Our videography team was quick to let us know that our wedding was one of the most lively and fun they had been to, regardless of the small size! We had so much fun.

Our 18-month-old nephew decided pretty quickly that he was not interested in his ring-bearer role, and our three-year-old niece wanted nothing to do with tossing flowers. One of our bridesmaids quickly took her basket and walked down the aisle alone while throwing the pedals. This was such a special memory!! She is the best.

We also did a first-look with our dads at the same time. Their reactions were priceless!

We stole microphones from the DJ, and Lexi began to freestyle over the top of songs during the reception. This was hilarious, and definitely a moment we will remember forever.

Lexi’s Grandfather, A Pastor, Took Time To Come Around To Express His Support In Your Relationship, But Made Your Wedding Day Extra Special. Tell Us About That.

Lexi’s grandfather prayed over the meal before we ate.

This was special as it is something he has been doing for the family for many years. It was even more meaningful to us as it took her grandpa quite some time to express his support for our marriage.

As a pastor, he initially had a more difficult time. However, the summer before our wedding, he read several books. He called us one day in tears, apologizing and expressing his love and support for each of us and our marriage.

Although neither of us is particularly religious, his prayer over our marriage was so special to us.

Now That You’re Married, What Does The Commitment Mean To You?

To us, marriage is about being teammates in life. We’ve embraced the fact that we will not go without an argument, or without difficult times. As wives, we will always support and love one another and always do our best to put our marriage first. We will prioritize clear communication and will express our emotions as they come to us. We will admit when we are wrong and will work to better each other each day. Marriage is a journey that we will always cherish. As wives, we will share all of life’s challenges and joys. We will actively choose one another with each passing day.

Advice For Other Couples Planning A Wedding?

Be prepared for big and small changes, and know that the day will turn out perfect even if it isn’t exactly how you envisioned it. We also recommend taking a second and third look through your guest list, we originally invited over 200 guests. We ended up having only 25 people due to COVID. But we wouldn’t have changed a thing! We know that the family and friends who were present for our marriage are those who will be in our lives forever. They made our day so intimate, memorable, and stress-free.

Photography by Amber Renee Photography

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Montana Jack’s
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Camelot Ranch
Justin Hutchinson and Taylor Machler
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Riddles Jewelry, Zales
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