Gay couple intimate love photography session captured by Fox & Kin in Australia

Fox & Kin

First and foremost, I'm a people watcher. I love that no two relationships are the same. I love meeting couples and getting to know their quirks and inside jokes. Seeing little looks exchanged, how they interact and dote on each other.
I love being able to take all those tiny bits of tenderness and tell a story.

Sure, I love pretty details as much as the next person, but you know what really gets me warm and tingly? Moments.
Hot dang, I love moments.
Little touches, a soft kiss on the shoulder, a squeeze of the hand, a look.
I'm all about the connection. I'm never going to ask you to kiss because let's be honest, that's a pretty weird thing to ask. Instead, I'll get you moving, chatting and laughing – and if you end up making out a bit, I'm cool with that.
If you are looking for someone to fluff your dress and make a fuss, then I am not the photographer for you. If you want an entire gallery of posed, smiling group photos, then I am not the photographer for you.

I'm here for the real shit, the raw stuff, the double-chinned laughter, and the happy tears. I want to capture not only what your wedding day looked like but what it felt like. I absolutely froth over couples who plan their day around what is most important to them, without worrying about outdated traditions or trends. I'm passionate about keeping weddings simple and eco-friendly. I believe that all love is equal, and all love should be documented equally.

My name's Nic, and I don't want to be just your photographer. I want to be your feeling freezer, your moment immortaliser, and your friend. I want to capture the raw essence of who you are together. So let's sit down, grab a beer, order some tacos and chat.

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