Jennifer Vernarsky Photography is an inclusive Montana, USA elopement wedding photographer 1

Jennifer Vernarsky Photography

Hi, I'm Jenn!
Dog lover. FRIENDS rewatcher. Messy bun rocker.

And your new favorite photographer! As a pacific northwest native, the dynamic landscapes and moody weather are as imprinted on my soul as my obsession with Grey's Anatomy. So, when I decided to pursue photography as a career, I knew that I wanted to take my clients outside -- away from the ordinary and into the wild! I knew I wanted to chase motion and emotion to deliver mind-blowing photos through a relaxed, real experience. I wanted to reframe the way people think about photography! So, get ready to see my mile-wide smile peeking out from behind my camera as we tell your story in an unbelievably unique way! I offer a one-of-a-kind, adventurous Montana elopement, intimate wedding, and portrait photography experience for the silly, spontaneous, and sincere.

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Kalispell, Montana, USA

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