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How to Write an Inclusivity Statement

The idea of including an inclusivity statement, particularly as wedding professionals, involves crafting a short and concise statement that not only welcomes diversity, but also reflects a genuine commitment to serving all lovers with respect, dignity and understanding. 

It’s a statement that shares with your potential clients that you’ll work in a way that is not only nondiscriminatory, but will work in a way that celebrates people, their identities and the intersections that make them unique. It also can include a statement as to why all of that is so important to you.

Hot tip: Don’t just use ChatGPT (or any other AI tool) to write your statement for you. 

Sure, it can get you going if you really need help to get started, but the thing about an inclusivity statement that makes it meaningful is that it comes from your heart. 

Don’t overthink it, often writing what you’re thinking is exactly the right path to the perfect inclusivity statement. 

Tips to writing an inclusivity statement

  • Use warm and welcoming language. Language that is inclusive of all people and really sets the tone of acceptance and respect.
  • Be genuine. Your statement should reflect your true values and commitment to being an inclusive wedding pro. You’ll want to avoid being tokenistic and performative in your language.
  • Let it flow from the heart. All we’re really asking you to do is answer the question; “why is being an inclusive wedding pro important to you?”

Must include things for your inclusivity statement 

  • Clearly articulate your commitment to inclusivity (obviously!)
    Let people know what you work inclusively of; body, background, sexuality, gender diversity, etc.
  • Let people know what this is important to you
    Whether it’s simply because you believe every couple deserves to celebrate their love without barriers or discrimination, or its something deeper and more personal, share why being an inclusive wedding vendor is actually important to you. 

Nice to include things for your inclusivity statement 

  • Share what you’ve got in place to be an inclusive vendor
    Maybe you and your staff have completed training on specific diversity or inclusivity topics. Maybe you include certain things in the way you work to be more inclusive of diversities and be a more accessible service (if you’re a physical space, this might be accessibility of your venue)
  • Highlight your experiences or learning journey
    Talk about your experience working with diverse partners or how you’ve grown in your understanding to commitment to inclusivity. A personal touch her will make your statement more relatable and trustworthy. 

Crafting the perfect inclusivity statement is a meaningful step in demonstrating your commitment to serving and celebrating all love. It not only communicates your values to potential clients, but also sets a standard for the wedding industry as a whole.

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