Jordana & Sandra

For Jordana and Sandra, this has been their very first relationship. And, with that, has come many learnings. From finding ways to communicate effectively to navigating life’s ups and downs.

Words by Jordana

The first time we met was at a club. Originally I had thought Sandra was attractive – but she was somewhat inebriated. She kept approaching me to chat (read: repeatedly yell into my ear) and dance. Suffice to say she didn’t get a follow-up text after that, and I actually ended up nicknaming her ‘Annoying Sandra’ to my friends. 

However, we bumped into each other again a few weeks later, and she made a much better impression. She was very apologetic and asked me out to dinner. I was adamant it WASN’T a date, but shortly afterward, we became inseparable.

She joked about wanting me to ask her out in a very over the top way – so one day she came home to a sprinkle of rose petals and candles leading to the bedroom. I was naked and strumming the guitar with the romantic Latin tune: ‘A Flamingo in Love.’ Finally, I had spelled out “BITCH BE MY GIRLFRIEND” on the bed with coriander (her favorite herb). 

We’ve been together for two years now. She’s still Annoying, though.

We act like the biggest fools and do the silliest things together that end in us scream-laughing until our sides ache – our poor neighbors. They don’t say ‘laughter is the best medicine’ for nothing. We do always end up with really bad stomach pains after, but it’s so worth it.

This is the first relationship for us both, so there have been some rough learning moments when it comes to being a healthy partner and relationship. Initially, we tried to hide any negative emotions under the rug and only focus on the positives to avoid conflict. Obviously, life and love comes with ups and downs, so it wasn’t sustainable. It’s taken some painful mistakes, and extremely hard work to get to where we are now. 

Open and honest communication and clear boundaries have become a crucial part of our relationship to see our feelings and needs met, rebuild trust, and be the best versions for each other.

The biggest challenge would definitely be experiencing and learning everything a couple would face for the first time. Our communication was pretty horrid at the start, but after a bunch of mistakes and an overflowing bucket of tears, I can safely say we’re the strongest we’ve ever been.

I always find Sandra in my corner. She always is cheering me on, reassuring me, and standing up for me. She makes me feel so safe and secure. Just having her around makes me feel so calm and assured. She acts tough, but she’s actually the biggest softie. 

Also, she has this cheeky smile that comes to slim curls at the edges, making my heart swell every time. Jords is as close to perfect as they get. 

She is pretty, smart, compassionate, kind, caring, funny, etc. the list goes on. Basically, everything you want in a partner. In the past, I would say I was a bit of a dickhead. But since meeting her, she has made such a positive influence in my life, which made me actually want to get my shit together. I definitely would not be who I am today without her.

I’m excited to keep learning about each other and growing with each other. I’m excited to go traveling together and build happy traditions together. She just makes me excited about life in general, which is something I haven’t felt in years. 

I’m stoked to build a family together. 

We’re both very much animal people, so I can’t wait for the moment where we can adopt more pets, move into a larger house, fill it with plants, and make it our home. 

Regardless, as long as I’ve got her, I know I’ll be alright.

Photography by Gina Cawley Photography

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