Wedding planning advice for LGBTQ+ lovers planning their big (or small and intimate) day.

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How to Buy a Diamond Ring on Black Friday
Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season and engagement season, too. Whether shoppers are…
The Rise of Micro Weddings

Big weddings with big budgets might be a thing of the past with micro-weddings and intimate ceremonies on the rise – and for very good reason.

Planning a Wedding During Covid-19

Planning a wedding during a pandemic wasn’t something that you probably planned, but this complete guide will navigate you through all your options.

What Queer Weddings Are Teaching Me About Marriage

Growing up queer, and accidentally landing a job as a wedding photographer, Hank Paul of Henry Paul Photography has learnt the meaning of marriage by capturing LGBTQ+ weddings.

10 Brides Who Wore a Wedding Suit

For some women wearing a suit or tuxedo on their wedding day is what they feel most comfortable in – and so, if you’re lacking confidence, here are ten brides who totally rocked a wedding suit on their special day.

The Pressure of a Perfect Wedding Day

There’s so much pressure around how to have the ‘perfect’ wedding day, but what if we told you that every wedding is ‘perfect’?

25 Prompts for Writing an Epic Love Letter

If you’ve been trying to pen a love letter to your partner, but you are stuck with what exactly it is you should be writing, here are 25 prompts to get you started.

The SuitShop – Wedding Suits for Women

Don’t let the name of this women-led company fool you, The Groomsman Suit designs and ships out suits specifically designed for women across the world.

married with kids and in love with a woman
Married with Kids, and in Love with a Woman

Bina and Ellen shared a 21-year friendship before their feelings developed. Bina was 16 years into a marriage with a man, and had two children at the time.

How to Walk Down the Wedding Aisle as a Same-Sex Couple - Lesbian Wedding Inspiration
How to Walk Down the Wedding Aisle as a Same-Sex Couple

Some wedding traditions don’t always translate directly when planning a same-sex wedding. The ‘walking down the aisle’ part is one of them.