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Nina Hamilton Photography

I’m Nina (she/her), an awkward, music-loving introvert living in lutruwita/Tasmania. I photograph non-traditional lovers who really dig each other.

Connecting with couples who approach their celebration in a relaxed and thoughtful way that reflects their values, style and love is the best. I work intuitively, and my approach is simple, unobtrusive and photojournalistic. I aim to capture the real and quirky interactions without excessive direction or awkward posing; because I believe that wedding photography should be a true reflection of who you are as a couple and your relationship with those around you.

As an observer of people, I dig the bits in-between the most. I seek these moments and stories in the ordinary, the every day and the in-between – the most fabulous stories lie in the unexpected snippets of a wedding day; that’s where the magic happens.

I’ll be there to capture the loud, the quiet and the unexpected details as your day unfolds – a stolen glance, a little hand squeeze, happy tears, drunk uncles, your granny out-dancing everyone on the dance floor, your favourite people creating joy around you. These are the real and beautiful memories that will be important to you in years to come.

Finally, a bit more about me: memes are my love language, I’m fluent in sarcasm and I have a World Record for gin-drinking (group effort, not solo). I’m also rather fond of design, pottering in my garden and really trashy TV.

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