A Delightful Farm Wedding at Gather + Grow

With just 14 guests, Andrea and Carl had their perfect wedding at Gather + Grow farm in Colorado.

Tell us about falling in love.

Carl and Andrea’s love story began at a gay club in Denver called Track’s. They had been watching each other all night, and when Carl stepped outside for some fresh air, Andrea followed her and sat down to talk. They ended up kissing and exchanging numbers, and from then on, they spent every single day together for the first several months. They were immediately inseparable.

What’s your favorite memory together?

Their favorite memory together was not the typical grand romantic gesture, but rather a small moment that meant the world to them. They had gotten all dressed up to go dancing at the club but arrived too early and decided to take a nap in the parking lot. So they ended up skipping the club altogether, getting milkshakes and fast food, and cuddling at home. It was a moment when they both knew they were soulmates.

Carl and Andrea’s relationship has always been easy and perfect. They have always been great at communicating openly and have never even had a serious argument in their 5 1/2 years together. The biggest challenge they had to overcome was keeping their wedding surprises a secret from each other before the big day.

Carl’s favorite thing about Andrea is the calming balance she brings to her life. Andrea’s touch literally feels like it quiets Carl’s brain down and brings her back to reality. She is so peaceful and relaxed in all situations but able to take charge and get things done, and Carl loves that she brings so much stability and strength to their lives together. Andrea’s favorite thing about Carl is how considerate, compassionate, and empathetic she is. Carl inspires Andrea in every way and through her own confidence, makes Andrea feel so loved, understood, and protected.

Tell us about your (very different) proposals.

Their proposals were two sides of the romantic spectrum. Andrea proposed inside the clocktower in downtown Denver, with their song playing, rose petals on the floor, and some smoking hot heels on! The next day, Carl booked them a cabin in the woods to celebrate and proposed on a gravel road in the middle of the mountains at sunset.

Tell us about your intimate wedding with a handful of guests.

Their wedding day was everything they wanted it to be. They had only 14 guests, but they were surrounded by their closest loved ones, and it felt just the right size for them. They got ready with their moms and had a first look at the hotel before the ceremony. They said their vows on the hilariously named “Jackass Hill” and followed with a reception and dancing at Grow + Gather.

When they had their first dance, Carl found out that Andrea had been sneaking off to the recording studio to record their song for them to dance to. There is a hilarious picture of Carl reacting to this news because Andrea is always so reserved and quiet. The dancing was their favorite part, and they could have gone all night!

Looking back at their wedding pictures, they feel like they will never get over how perfectly and beautifully everything came together. But what they treasure most about their love story is the journey they have been on together. From that first kiss outside the club to their wedding day, they have built a relationship that is strong, loving, and supportive. Carl and Andrea’s love is a reminder that even in a world that can be challenging and uncertain, true love is possible, and it is worth fighting for.

Photographer Alicia D’Elia Photography

Caterer & Venue Grow + Gather
Cake The Dessert Stand
Celebrant Ethan Trimmer Weddings
Dress Boutique David’s Bridal
Engagement Rings Shane Company
Florist Indigo Flower Market
H&MU Beauty & The Babes
Stationery Minted
Wedding Planner Prisma Events

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