A collection of LGBTQ+ weddings from around the world.

Morgan Rindhal Photograpy - Boho Industrial Wedding in Milwaukee
Katie & Meredith – A Boho Industrial Wedding in Milwaukee

Another Tinder love story turned beautiful romance. These two married in an indoor wedding ceremony that was a good mix of industrial meets boho.

Intimate COVID Wedding - Garden Wedding Inspiration - Seattle Washington
Anneke & Toni – A COVID-Safe Beachside Picnic Wedding

They had a 130-guest affair planned, and then COVID made it unsafe. Instead, they married in an intimate beachside picnic wedding with a handful of loved ones.

Intimate and Colorful Wedding in Mexico - Same-Sex Wedding - Dancing With Her (1)
Alejandra & Erika – A Colorful Intimate Wedding in Mexico

Surrounded by a handful of loved ones and their favorite animals, Alejandra and Erika married in an intimate ceremony in their home town of Puebla, Mexico.

Love Sunday Photography - Connecticut Forest Wedding - Lesbian Wedding
Brooke & Nicole – A DIY Forest Wedding Planned in 10 Days

After an engagement in the Catskills on a camping trip, Brooke and Nicole planned their entire DIY Forest Wedding in just ten days.

Collingwood Childrens Farm Wedding - Same-Sex Wedding Inspiration Melbourne
Cayla & Heidi – Collingwood Children’s Farm Wedding

Cayla & Heidi married at Collingwood Children’s Farm in a wedding that wasn’t filled with the usual expectations and traditions. Instead, it was a day that was uniquely them.

Summer Camp Style Wedding among the California Redwoods - Lesbian Wedding - Dancing With Her
Ashley & Olivia – A Four-Day Summer Camp Wedding in California

Ashley and Olivia threw a four-day long ‘summer camp’ style wedding day amongst the Northern California redwoods.

Brewery Wedding - Atmosphere Photography - Alberta Canada Two Brides Lesbian Wedding
Gillian & Sara – Brewery Wedding

A broken foot and a wildfire couldn’t even stand in the way of these two lovers saying ‘I do’. They have a joint love of beer, so, a brewery wedding was fitting.

Garden Wedding in Perth - Jessica Wyld Photography - Dancing With Her
Min & Tina – A Perfect Garden Wedding

A proposal with an aluminium foil ring was what led Min and Tina down the road to planning a perfect garden wedding in their home, Perth.

Emily Tingley Photography - Same-Sex Wedding - California - Dancing With Her
Chantelle & Chelsea – A Outdoor Wedding in California

Chantelle & Chelsea met at a tattoo studio, but wouldn’t start dating for a number of years. They celebrated their wedding with their 8-year-old daughter by their side.

Queer Intimate Wedding in Baltimore - DIY Wedding
Kelly & Laurie – An Intimate Wedding in Baltimore

They did want to skip a wedding alltogether, but they eventually decided on an intimate wedding with just a handful of their favorite people.