Becca & Jordii – Maori Traditions & A Whole Lot Of Love

Words by wedding officiant, Celebrant Lady Love

This is the transcript of the ceremony performed by Annie at Becca & Jordii’s wedding day.

It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point where they are now, where they feel accepted for who they are and how they love. It certainly hasn’t been an easy road. In fact, at one point, they even considered eloping. But it broke their hearts to think of not having their family around them. So, if you don’t know this already, let me tell you right now, this marriage means more than just their dedication to each other; it’s their pride as well. It shows the world they chose each other, despite adversities, boundaries, and judgments. To have you here with them loving and supporting them the way you are means the absolute world – probably more than you will ever know. 

They also acknowledge loved ones who have passed and those who could not make it here today but who are here in our thoughts.

The love and friendships that you have all demonstrated have taught them to never settle for second best. That’s why they’re standing here today about to marry the love of their life. For that, from the bottom of their hearts, they sincerely thank you. Thank you for everything. Because without everyone here today, Jordi and Becca would not be marrying amongst this much brightness and love.

The Couple’s Story… So Far.

As you all know, this little love story has been in the making for an entire decade. Becca and Jordii found in each other a love that took them, and everyone else around them, entirely by surprise.

It’s funny the things you recall when you meet someone for the first time. Becca had gone over to Jordii’s for dinner one night to discuss the possibility of moving into the spare room. She was working with Jordii’s mum at the time, and it was her who had offered the space. Becca remembers a young Jordii sitting at the dinner table, completely disengaged with the conversation and instead, engrossed in whatever MSN chat she had going on at the time. Every question Becca asked was met with a monosyllabic response. Becca could barely raise an eyebrow from her, let alone a conversation. It was apparent Jordii didn’t like her, but still, she intrigued Becca.

It took a little while to break down the walls, but they somehow went from not talking at all to suddenly finding themselves in the position where there were talking every day.

They started spending whatever spare time they had with each other, and although it became evident that there were feelings that went deeper than friendship between them, neither of them knew how to express that to the other. One day, they had a big argument over something trivial, and it somehow forced them to confess their feelings for one another. After that, there was no turning back. With each passing moment and day spent together, they became more and more connected. Even when others discovered their relationship and they were told to cool it for a while and wait – forcing them apart – they just couldn’t shake each other. They would sneak out in the middle of the night and sit in Becca’s car, talking for hours about everything and nothing. They survived a long-distance stint when Jordii moved to Brisbane for a couple of years, and they barely got to see each other. They describe this time as the most difficult because, without the comfort of seeing one another regularly, there was little to reassure them that everything would be ok. They just had to believe it.

When I asked them what made them fall in love with one another and if there was a defining moment when the realization they had fallen in love dawned on them. Jordi said she couldn’t pinpoint exactly when she knew she loved Becca but thinks she loved her for a long time before realizing what it was. She says they became best friends (as soon as she got over herself), and she started to feel like she couldn’t even go a day without speaking to her, and when they were in the same room, she had to be right next to her. Admittedly, they both really struggled with their feelings. Neither of them had ever been with a girl before and never thought they ever would be. But the gravitational force felt between them was so strong it was scary. The night Jordii told Becca she was in love with her was the first time she truly realized it. And after she said it, she was like, ‘hey, that’s actually true.’ She fell in love with her best friend.

Becca says she remembers the very moment she fell in love with Jordii. They were lying in a swag under the stars at Table Top. They lay there for hours, talking and looking at the night sky. Jordan was lying in her arms, and she couldn’t stop looking at her. At that moment, she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was in love with her, and although it took her a while longer to come out and say it, she felt it.

Since those early days of their relationship, they have done and achieved so much together, not least of which has seen them furthering themselves in their chosen career paths. They have moved in together and enjoyed fun times with their friends. They have traveled overseas and eventually won the approval of each other’s family. Finally, in March of 2014, it was with great joy that they announced they had given birth to a beautiful girl named Riio, who hates everyone, including them. Cats can be such jerks.

At the beginning of 2018, they both proposed to each other – Jordii surprised Becca on New Year’s Day with a proposal, and then Becca returned the favor six days later. The most beautiful part of their proposal story lies in the simplicity of its details. Becca said that it was the first New Year they greeted with a New Year’s kiss, without worrying about who might see them or who it might make feel uncomfortable. It was the point they stopped caring about what other people thought. Finally. That moment is exactly what has led them to this point in their lives where they are ready to stand here proudly in front of all of you and take each other as wife and wife.

I asked them if there was anything the other did that particularly annoyed them and Becca said:

“Jord rolls her clothes, even after how long I spend washing and ironing them. When Jord is anxious, she shakes/bounces her legs. Jord is messy. Although since living together, she has significantly reduced her messy. Jord is the hardest person in this world to get out of bed. I usually resort to showering, jumping out and leaving it on, forcing Jord to get up and get in the shower. On the Weekends, I have no chance of getting her out.”

Jordi said:

“Everything! She drives me to insanity daily! She is so stubborn, but she doesn’t think she is. She is so fussy when it comes to her own comfort, and she has to dress perfectly. The house isn’t clean unless it’s spotless, and she washes the sheets TWICE before guests come over. She doesn’t let me walk on the freshly mopped floors, and even if she does let me, she gets so mad. She gets soooo hangry, but she doesn’t see it that way, but if she gets too hungry, she’ll claim she isn’t hungry anymore and stomps around the house until I can think of something she can’t resist and make her eat it (normally potato). She eats ALL the chocolate before I can even sit down with her, and then she blames the cat – every time. She’s needy when she’s drunk and uses my shoulder as a leaning post (that’s the worst part about being the short one in the relationship). She is always logical when I’m daydreaming – like hey, Becca, if you could fly anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? – why are we flying? How would that even be possible? Do we have enough money for that?? – she gets distracted by the smallest things, we can be mid-conversation about something important, and she talks over the top of me to ask if I know how flies can hold onto the wall with such small feet, cause she’s sure it’s going to fall off in a minute. She is like an unofficial neighborhood watch; she knows everyone’s number plate in the street. We can be in the middle of Sydney, and she could say hey, our neighbor from two doors up just drove past.. huh!? And she doesn’t pick up on social cues – like any, at all, ever.”

But for as many grievances they have with one another, there is an equal amount of things they love.

Becca loves the way Jord always puts her first – her family and her. Whatever they need, she always does, without disagreeing or questioning. She loves Jord’s passion and drive to see all things through from start to finish (which is the opposite of her – she never finishes anything she starts – so she admires it). She loves how she always makes her feel safe and at ease; her ability to think of everything they might need and plan ahead, and her calming blue eyes.

Jordi loves the way Becca’s wholesome way of loving people – once you’re in, that’s it, you’re in for life, and Becca will do anything for you. She describes her as being strong and independent. Becca doesn’t give away her weaknesses, and she always pushes through and somehow manages to win over everyone she meets too. People adore her, her happiness is infectious, and is so much fun to be around. She loves her goofy nature – even when she doesn’t see it – and the way Becca is so passionate about everything and dives in headfirst. And finally, Jordi says she loves the way Becca is someone else when no one else is around. With the world, she is confident, the life of the party, strong. But with her, she’s vulnerable, needy and loving. She’s gentle, and she’s soft. She loves nothing more than when she runs her a bath or tells her she loves her, just because. She loves a blanket, and she loves their cat. She adores her, and she makes sure she knows it.

These two respect each other, they admire each other and they most certainly love each other. So, let’s go and get them married, shall we?


Family and friends, my name is Annie Molenaar, and I am duly authorized by law to make solemn this, their ceremony according to law. Before you, Becca, and you Jordii, are joined in marriage in my presence and the presence of these witnesses, I am to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which you are about to enter. According to the law in Australia, marriage is the voluntary and full commitment of two people to the exclusion of all others and is entered into for life.

Guest Vows:

Before we go into their vows to each other, I’d like to take a moment to ask all of you to say some vows to them. Please stand, and if you are in agreeance, all I need from you is a loud and strong I do.

Do you promise to be there for Becca and Jordan in all the ups and downs of the years ahead?

I do.

Will you guide them in the right direction when they seem a bit lost, cheer them on through their successes, and pick them up and dust them off when times get tough?

I do.

And finally, do you solemnly swear to laugh, get super loose, dance and celebrate with them today and do your utmost to make their wedding the best day ever?

I do.

Becca’s Vows

I call on the persons here present to witness that I, Rebecca Maryanne Aroha Mataio, take you, Jordan Fauve Auld, to be my lawful wife.

Jordii Fauve, I adore you.

You hold everything together- even when it all feels like it’s falling apart.

With you, I have always felt safe. I have always felt at home.

You have always fought for me, even when I’ve given up on myself.

Loving you makes my days brighter, makes me walk a little taller, and encourages me to do things I wouldn’t normally.

I promise to continue to surprise you.

I promise to love you for all your quirkiness-

The way you steal your own kisses on the forehead.

The way you prefer to have your nose in a book every free second you have.

The way you love to sleep the day away.

The way you get super excited when the food is coming.

The way we always laugh hysterically at nothing.

I promise to always be in your corner- no matter what.

You are my laugh until it hurts person.

My always there, no matter what person.

You are my heart healer and my cheerleader.

My nerve calmer and my problem solver

You are my heart, my soul, my forever.

I’m proud of how far we have come, the memories we have made, and I look forward to the future with you by my side as my wife.

Me & You.

Just Us Two.

Jordan’s Vows

I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, Jordan Fauve Auld, take you, Rebecca Maryanne Aroha Mataio, to be my lawful wife.

Becca, on this day, ten years ago, you walked into my life, and without knowing it, the biggest plot twist in our lives began. Our love is chaos, and you, Becca Aroha, are a force of nature that I grew to love with a wildness I could not contain. We fell in love on an otherwise ordinary day, quickly and without limits, and I promise on the great days, the days that are hard, and the perfectly normal days, to fall in love with you that same way and always give you the safety and loyalty of my love. I promise to always look at you with nothing but love and pride and never treat you with contempt or act without putting you first. I will always see you as the incredible, independent woman that you are and forever be thankful for the strong and faithful wife you will be. I promise to always laugh at your terrible jokes, the first, second and twelfth time you tell them and not take offense when you don’t laugh at mine. I know you want to, you just don’t get them. I promise to try not to get mad when we run late to everything and instead get used to loving you on island time. And I promise never to try to change you. I promise to look back on the life we’ve shared so far with pure joy and look to our future with absolute optimism, knowing that every day with you is the best day ever. I promise to grow with you, laugh with you and cry with you. I promise that I will never stop trying to better myself, to constantly aim to be the person that you deserve, the person you see me as. But mostly, I promise to continue to love, support and protect you wholeheartedly, without fail, without boundaries and without fear, forever. Me and you, just us two.

Jordi and Becca, you have publicly declared your love and commitment to one another through the exchange of vows. 

Now for the best part, you may kiss your bride!

Photography by E.L Simpson Photography

Celebrant & DJ Celebrant Lady Love
Cinematographer Pineapple Images & Films

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