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A Chic-Rocker Inspired Elopement with Red Roses

A Chic-Rocker Inspired Elopement with Red Roses

Gay queer rock n roll Newcastle Australia captured by Tess Lehman (1)

The styling and planning were a combo of Claire from Little Tuesday and Lily and Mae Floristry. I had found this perfect alleyway in downtown Newcastle which turned out to be behind the building where Kerryn and Cass worked.

Having one of Elope Bridal‘s dresses and then sourcing Kerryns entire look from local vintage store Stoned Saint Moon really pulled together the chic rocker look we were looking for.

Jade got us over the line with the makeup looks, and away we went.

I am queer myself and wanted to work with a queer couple for this shoot. Meeting Kerryn and Cass was the icing on top of a wicked fun cake! I first met Kerryn and Cass at a pub, and we had an hour-long chat and then really got excited about the shoot because they had just gotten engaged, and you can clearly see the love they have for each other!

It was one of the funniest shoots to work on!

Cass & Kerryn words.

What is your favorite memory together?

Our favorite memory is the camping trips we take together. We take the pups and always have a fantastic time being out in remote areas, bushwalking, swimming, and going on adventures together. We have spent plenty of time outdoors, either for pleasure or work, and love to learn from each other.

Cass is an incredible ecologist with so much knowledge about flora and fauna. At the same time, Kerryn is an archaeologist and hell-bent on dragging Cass around to look at every cave, rusted piece of junk, and rock in the area!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

The biggest challenge we have faced together would be our illnesses. Seeing each other at our worst and seeing how much that has affected our mental health, amongst other things.

What would you say if you could give your younger selves a pep talk for the future?

Cass– I would tell myself to be kinder, don’t hold so many expectations of myself, and know that love comes in the most unpredictable ways.

Kerryn– My pep talk would probably be along the lines of keep doing what you are doing. Although there are a million pieces of advice I could share with myself, the road I travelled brought me here, I’d hate to be a victim of my own butterfly effect, so given a chance to speak to my younger self, I’d skip it.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Kerryn– I have never passed up the opportunity to say more.

Tess (photographer) and the team (Claire, Lily, and Jade) made our month with this shoot. The emotions captured were very much part of the love and friendship Cass and I have for each other, and to see these translated into pictures was just incredible. Whether you are married, engaged, or just in a relationship, I highly encourage people to find a crew that can bring out your best emotions and feelings and run with it.

I couldn’t love anyone more than Cass, and I feel these photographs attest to that.

Photography Tess Lehman

Dress Designer Elope Bridal
Florist Lily and Mae Floristry
Makeup Gorgeous Glamour xo
Planner | Stylist Little Tuesday
Suit Shop Stoned Saint Moon Vintage

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