A Lesbian Wedding And Their Promise To God

Jade and Keziah were married at Broken Head Beach, Byron Bay, NSW. Theirs was a simple ceremony with their most loved people. Unfortunately, a few special people couldn’t make it due to their belief systems. But luckily for them, they were surrounded by so much happiness to celebrate the love they have found and continue to grow in one another.

There aren’t many same-sex marriage ceremonies that are written to include references to God, but to them this was a very important inclusion. They both know without a doubt that God brought them together, God doesn’t judge, God doesn’t hate, God only loves and that is what they have found in one another.

For both Jade and Keziah, their connection was pretty instant. Keziah noticed Jade first. She was sitting at the kid’s desk in church when Jade walked in, it was like a big beautiful bright light had entered the building, and Keziah knew she wanted to get closer to this woman.

A little while later they both found themselves at a women’s breakfast. As fate would have it, Jade was drawn to Keziah and she sat right beside her. Jade instantly felt safe and calm around her. I say safe and calm because Jade had just been to the dentist and so her mouth was all numb and she found it difficult to eat her muffin, they both laughed as she did.

They formed a solid friendship first, Keziah being Jade’s personal tour guide of the Gold Coast as she’d recently moved to the area from New Zealand, Keziah showed Jade all of her favourite places sharing a little piece of her heart at every turn.

In those early days Jade was impressed by Keziah’s knife throwing skills, plus she took her skateboard everywhere and Jade thought this was pretty hot! During this time, Jade realised that Keziah was THE coolest person she’d ever met, with her music taste and awesome style.

One day they found themselves in a prayer circle where everyone had to hold hands, secretly they relished in this, knowing the feelings that were forming between them.

Keziah had been praying for a long time to meet someone who accepted her for exactly who she was. Jade taught her how to be herself, she embraced her and loved her for it. And Keziah gained the courage to jump right in.

Together they could easily stand strongly when faced with adversities against them. They’ve grown together in their faith. They’ve made loving friends. They’ve achieved a level of communication with one another, building the most beautiful love together that continues to grow every single day.

Their biggest achievement together is, being brave to love one another freely and wildly.

When asked what love and marriage mean to them, they told us that love is the strongest force in the world. It can change your whole life.
Love is a dream everyone wants to find. It can be the scariest, most damaging thing but also the most healing.

Love keeps them going and if it wasn’t for love they wouldn’t be here.

Love connects us all together.

Love means being brave and bold.

Love is soul deep and electrifying.

Love means they go through everything together.

Their love for each other makes them stronger.

Marriage is a special sacred vow that means they declare to those that love them and to God that they know the rest of their days belong to each other, and showing the world that they are wholeheartedly dedicated.
Giving a promise of absolute love to one another forever.

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